Devastating Defense – Chess DVD Bundle

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Devastating Defense – Chess DVD Bundle
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“Devastating Defense” is a 6 DVD bundle that will teach you to remain calm and think objectively when on the defensive. You will learn how to accurately evaluate the sacrifice of a pawn for the initiative or a piece to expose your King. If the evaluation is in your favor, let them give you material!

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Devastating Defense

Knowing how to defend properly will not just save you from painful defeats – it will also get you more wins! Many attacks are simply too ambitious and the attacker will do anything to keep the attack going – hold on and you will find yourself up a load of material with a winning position.

“Devastating Defense” is a 6 DVD bundle that will teach you to remain calm and think objectively when on the defensive. You will learn how to accurately evaluate the sacrifice of a pawn for the initiative or a piece to expose your King. If the evaluation is in your favor, let them give you material!

The GM presenters give you technique after technique for slowing down the attacker, distracting their pieces and counter-attacking when they leave themselves vulnerable. You will sense when the right time is to return some material to end their attack and leave you with a superior position. You will pick up many clever tactical ideas to escape from danger and frustrate your opponent.

Get the defensive skills that will make you unbeatable and give you easy wins with “Devastating Defense”.


  1. The Secrets to Mastering the Chess Opening (Beginner DVD)
  2. How Grandmasters Defend Tough Positions (Beginner DVD)
  3. Defensive Domination
  4. Defend Like a Super Grandmaster
  5. Learn to defend as a GM
  6. Dominant Defense
  • THE SECRETS TO MASTERING THE CHESS OPENING (BEGINNER DVD) – GM DAMIAN LEMOS – VOL 21 The opening is the most important phase of the game in chess because you have to come out swinging, desperately attempting to punish the slightest inaccuracy by your opponent. At any level in chess, from beginner to World Champion, the player who is able to achieve rapid pressure in the opening is going to have better chances of maintaining a long-term advantage. In this chess video/DVD Grandmaster Damian Lemos demonstrates how the beginner player should perceive the opening and plan a successful approach by aiming for strong control of the center, rapid development, and early threats! This DVD is targeted at beginner chess players, guaranteed to vastly improve your understanding of the opening and how to start winning games from the very first moves!
  • HOW GRANDMASTERS DEFEND TOUGH POSITIONS (BEGINNER DVD) – GM DAMIAN LEMOS – VOL 30 A poor defense is a problem for most club players. Either they are too passive and slowly get taken apart or they concentrate on defending one threat only to miss another. Many more players lose because the fear of the attack blinds them from thinking objectively. GM Lemos points out that to succeed at any level in chess, you must be versatile and able to defend tough positions! In “How GMs Defend Tough Positions”, he stresses the importance of paying attention to the balance of the position and teaches you to accurately assess whether you should bring all your pieces back, counter-attack or a mixture of both. This DVD will save you from many painful losses as well as equip you with a new way of evaluating chess positions.
  • DEFENSIVE DOMINATION – GM DAMIAN LEMOS – VOL 59 GM Lemos gives method after method for effective defense in this fantastic 2.5 hour DVD analyzing 5 games including a classic clash between Tal and Botvinnik. Based around the fact that many attacks are too ambitious, these defensive techniques will enable you to hold onto extra material and win! GM Lemos shows you how the very best players handle their opponent’s having a strong initiative and how to assess whether it is safe to take the material offered. With a breakdown of how to avoid the problems of poor defense as well as lots of examples of helpful piece trades, “Defensive Domination” will make you far more confident when facing an attack.
  • DEFEND LIKE A SUPER GRANDMASTER – GM MAXIM DLUGY – VOL 67 GM Maxim Dlugy, a former World Junior Champion, reveals the thought processes and defensive techniques that helped him save games and even win from inferior positions. With deep analysis and highly instructive commentary, you will gain a wealth of chess insight from the 7 fascinating games chosen. Covering how to defend when your opponent has the initiative, ways to trick the attacker into leaving their own position vulnerable and some clever saving ideas, “Defend Like a Super GM” will make you impossible to beat!
  • LEARN TO DEFEND AS A GM – GM DAMIAN LEMOS – VOL 72 In this DVD you will learn the art of defense, just like the GMs employ when they need to defend themselves against the attacks of their opponents. It is important to learn the basic concepts of defense in order to avoid suffering painful defeats due to not knowing how to react. The defense is sometimes a difficult task and a part of the game that many players do not like, often even avoiding positions where they have to defend themselves, despite it being the best option.
  • DOMINANT DEFENSE – GM DAMIAN LEMOS – VOL 92 Chess legends Viktor Korchnoi and Tigran Petrosian were famous for their incredible defensive skills. They were such masters of the art of defense that they actually encouraged their opponents to attack them, knowing that they would give away too much material or ruin their position trying to make an attack work. In attack, players are too optimistic. In defense, too pessimistic. Change this and you will have a big advantage over your opponents.