Double Fianchetto Domination (Lemos Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos

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Double Fianchetto Domination (Lemos Deep Dive) – GM Damian Lemos
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In this 9.5 hour ‘deep dive’ course, GM Damian Lemos reveals the opening system quietly being used by Kramnik, Aronian and Wei Yi to dominate games.

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Double Fianchetto Chess Opening – GM Damian Lemos

How do you deal with this? Since entering the computer age, chess opening theory has exploded, with razor-sharp novelties and tricky ideas being routinely “cooked” and sprung upon the unwary club player.

You surely can’t memorize everything.

In Double Fianchetto Domination, GM Damian Lemos offers a refreshing break from rote-memorization, with a unique ideas-based opening system, favored by the likes of Vladimir Kramnik, Lev Aronian, and much other elite GMs.

This is your complete repertoire for white based on using the power of the double fianchetto for both bishops and then, regardless of how black response, using GM Lemos’ reliable strategy for gaining an advantage and playing for a win.

Armed with this system, you have a reliable, non-theoretical opening that’s simple enough to learn in a weekend, yet powerful enough to crush grandmasters.

About the Author:

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina with a top rating of 2559 Elo.

In his lessons, Damian works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected.

By developing specifically-tailored training regimens for every one of his students, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches dream of.

What is this course going to do for me?

In this 9.5 hour ‘deep dive’ course, GM Damian Lemos reveals the opening system quietly being used by Kramnik, Aronian and Wei Yi to dominate games.

Using the ideas presented in this course, your 2 fianchettoed bishops will be transformed into a fire-
breathing dragons as you control space and capture pieces without mercy.

If you want an opening system you can play against anything Black responds with, a system based
entirely on strategic and tactical ideas, check out Double Fianchetto Domination!

Here’s what you’ll get with the “Double fianchetto chess opening with GM Lemos:

You’ll learn Wei Yi’s wild innovation which leads to a chaotic tactical situation that only you
know how to handle (priceless for must-win games).

You get a beautiful technique that transforms a barely noticeable central advantage, into
a raging pawn storm in just a few moves. Once you learn this pattern, it will serve you for

GM Damian Lemos reveals 2 psychological hacks that force your opponent to reveal their
weaknesses, allowing you to push them into very uncomfortable territory (70% of the club
players crack immediately in this situation).

You’ll pick up cunning move-order tricks for keeping your best pieces on, swapping your rival’s off and dominating with your superior activity.

I’m sure that even from this short description, the breathtaking flexibility of this system is, by now, clear as day to you.

You’re getting 9.5 hours of GM coaching outlining a winning opening system for you, PGN files of all the games so you can analyze them with your engine, a PDF course summary for quick reference plus a practical test to help you store the material in your long-term memory.