Elements of Endgames with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

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Elements of Endgames with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic
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This comprehensive 10.5-hour course, Elements of Endgame, taught by International Master Boroljub Zlatanovic, covers every crucial aspect of chess endgames, including Bishop Endgames, Rook Endgames, Knight Endgames, Queen Endgames, Pawn Endgames (King Invasion) and much more!

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Your endgame skills can skyrocket your chess game to the next level. Want to become an endgame virtuoso and outwit your opponents with ease?

This comprehensive 10.5-hour course, Elements of Endgame, taught by International Master Boroljub Zlatanovic, covers every crucial aspect of chess endgames, including:

  • Bishop Endgames
  • Rook Endgames
  • Knight Endgames
  • Queen Endgames
  • Pawn Endgames (King Invasion)

…and much more!

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • King detour. Why did the Black king take a step back and go to the c6-square? When you have middle pawns, it’s good to exchange pieces—that creates the chances of a dangerous passer.
    Black is simply trying to capitalize on his king’s activity on the queenside before White can get his king over there. Will he be able to do so? Let Zlatanovic show you the full commentary of the game.

Elements of Endgames

  • Say no to trading. White just traded the bishops on e6 and played the reasonable move, g5. Trading was a BIG mistake here—now Black can push the a + b pawns one step ahead each. Why? To create a barrier. Now, it’s impossible for White to win that game.
    Needless to say, the game ended in a draw. Funnily, Zlatanovic himself was playing as Black here. Would you want to sneak a peek into his thought process here?

Elements of Endgames

  • Knight vs bishop. A locked bishop in the endgame is equal to a “dead” bishop. Black’s position is pretty hopeless here. The White knight hoped on to a solid square. The only question that remains is, how to break through?
    White plays the ingenious move – h4! Why? It fixes Black’s h-pawn on its square. Now, attack it, capture it, and you have got a passed pawn on the flanks! More in Chapter 24.

Elements of Endgames

Why choose this course?

  • Expert Instruction: IM Boroljub Zlatanovic is not only a world-class chess player but also an experienced and highly sought-after coach. He has trained countless students, transforming them into formidable players.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Each endgame scenario is meticulously broken down and explained in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for you to apply the concepts in your own games.
  • Practical Exercises: The course comes with a wealth of practical exercises, allowing you to test your newfound knowledge and sharpen your skills to perfection.
  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the course material anytime, anywhere, and watch your endgame prowess skyrocket.


Chapter 1. Pawn Endgame. Kings Invasion (part I)
Chapter 2. Pawn Endgame. Kings Invasion (part II)
Chapter 3. Pawn Endgame. Kings Invasion (part III)
Chapter 4. Pawn Endgame. Majority Matters
Chapter 5. Bishop Endgame. Extra Pawn Conversion
Chapter 6. Bishop Endgame. Pawn Majority (part I)
Chapter 7. Bishop Endgame. Pawn Majority (part II)
Chapter 8. Bishop Endgame. Pawn Structure Fixation
Chapter 9. Bishop Endgame. Setting Barrier
Chapter 10. Knight Endgame. Outside Passer
Chapter 11. Knight Endgame. Activity Above All
Chapter 12. Knight Endgame. Center & Harmony
Chapter 13. Knight Endgame. King & Knight Coordination
Chapter 14. Knight Endgame. 4 vs 3 on the Flank
Chapter 15. Rook Endgame. Take Care about Passer
Chapter 16. Rook Endgame. Rook on the Side
Chapter 17. Rook Endgame. Extra Pawn Conversion
Chapter 18. Rook Endgame. Rook behind
Chapter 19. Rook Endgame. Pawn Weaknesses
Chapter 20. Rook Endgame. Way for Invasion
Chapter 21. Queen Endgame. Passer
Chapter 22. Queen Endgame. Exploit Weaknesses
Chapter 23. Queen Endgame. Use of the King
Chapter 24. Other Endgames. Knight vs Bishop
Chapter 25. Other Endgames. Bishop vs Knight
Chapter 26. Other Endgames. 2 Minor Pieces on Each Side
Chapter 27. Other Endgames. Rook & Knight Coordination
Chapter 28. Other Endgames. Rook & Bishop Coordination
Chapter 29. Other Endgames. Complex Endgames with Queens
Chapter 30. Other Endgames. Other Imbalances

About the Author:

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [2438 FIDE]

is an International Master and a professional chess coach from Serbia. He has been coaching chess for over 15 years and his students showed outstanding results in the Youth and Junior Championships. You are at the right place with IM Zlatanovic whether you want to improve: your endgame (basic, typical, complex), middlegame (global strategy, tactics, and typical positions) or expand and deepen the opening repertoire.