Empire Chess Ultimate Attacking Play Bundle

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Empire Chess Ultimate Attacking Play Bundle
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28 hours of Grandmaster lectures from the world’s leading top Grandmasters and chess educators including GM Daniel Naroditsky, GM Victor Makhalevski, GM Maxim Dlugy, IM/WGM Maia Lomineishvili, and GM Damian Lemos

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Have you ever felt like you are just stuck at the same level in chess? You are still studying, training, and going to good tournaments but you can’t seem to win more games, this is typical for chess players of all levels. You wouldn’t believe how common this problem is!

I had the same problem earlier in my chess career. I got stuck in the expert class, I just could not manage to break through to the candidate master rating. No matter how much I studied, no matter how hard I concentrated during my games, I just could not win won games, and I found myself losing games that I should have won, or worst case scenario, drawn.

The problem was that I wasn’t playing attacking chess. I was moving the pieces, but I wasn’t creating a threat with every single move. I was trying to put pressure on my opponent, but I wasn’t looking for the instant knockout shots.

Is this happening in your games? If you want to have better results, then you need to try my new collection of courses specifically for players like you. This series will help you play a more accurate, aggressive chess and will teach you the secrets you need to break through your current level using attacking chess.


28 hours of Grandmaster lectures from the world’s leading top Grandmasters and chess educators including GM Daniel Naroditsky, GM Victor Makhalevski, GM Maxim Dlugy, IM/WGM Maia Lomineishvili, and GM Damian Lemos
10 different volumes covering attacking chess including Empire Chess #33, #39, #45, #70, #38, #27, #29, #51, #52, and #55.

Daniel Naroditsky explains the secret of how he became a Grandmaster at only 17 years old using aggressive attacking play.
The secret to completely neutralizing any club level player who plays equally aggressively.

The quickest path for any club player to begin playing aggressively without memorizing hundreds of positions.
The biggest difference between true “airtight” aggressive play vs positionally shallow attacks.

Dozens of practice problems and relevant puzzles and lesson summaries in PDF form (for 4 out of 10 of the volumes)
The highest quality audio and video quality possible. Patiently crafted and edited by the OnlineChessLessons.NET team for an optimal chess learning experience.

Course Outline:

  1. Play Aggressive Chess Like a Grandmaster (Beginner DVD)
  2. How to Attack Like a Grandmaster (Beginner DVD)
  3. How Grandmasters Attack
  4. Winning Pawn Moves for Beginners
  5. Deadly Chess Attacks
  6. How Grandmasters Beat the King’s Gambit
  7. GM Attacks for Club Players
  8. Attacking with Forcing Moves
  9. GM Aggressive Chess Guide
  10. GM Crushing Attacks

What will you learn?

  • Play Aggressive Chess like a Grandmaster – GM Damian Lemos Vol. 27 “Play Aggressive Chess like a Grandmaster” features hours of elite chess instruction by Grandmaster Damian Lemos, reviewing recent games by Super-GMs to demonstrate how the best chess players in the world today are using aggressive chess to win important games. It is fascinating how GM Lemos describes basic principles that beginner players can use in their games and then goes on to show how players like Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, and Veselin Topalov have repeatedly used these exact same concepts in their own games at the highest levels. This chess DVD is guaranteed to improve your game because you will start making the most out of every opportunity to create threats, place pressure on your opponent, and create problems that your opponent will be forced to solve.
  • How to Attack Like a Grandmaster (Beginner DVD) – GM Damian Lemos Vol. 29 In this chess DVD, Grandmaster Damian Lemos examines legendary attacking games that demonstrate the full process of several world chess champions. GM Lemos emphasizes the influence of attacking chess as one of the greatest driving forces in the game, repeatedly stressing that the attacker is ALWAYS favored! If you are a beginner player that simply wants to achieve better results, this chess DVD will push you strongly in the right direction.
  • How Grandmasters Attack – GM Daniel Naroditsky Vol. 33 GM Naroditsky heavily emphasizes the importance of aggression in chess, demonstrating various methods of attack by analyzing select games from top-level Grandmasters. Naroditsky also explains a few of his own games, and it is truly fascinating to learn about the decision-making process of this talented young GM. This chess DVD is perfect for beginner and intermediate chess players who are trying to take their game to the next level. You will immediately experience better tournament results after watching this DVD because you will always be focused on making an attacking move, pressuring your opponent, and consistently forcing your opponent to solve complex problems.
  • Winning Pawn Moves for Beginners – IM Maia Lomineishvili – Vol.38 This 4.5-hour chess DVD is extremely helpful to beginner chess players because it is a comprehensive review of nearly every different type of pawn move that will change the outcome of a game. Viewers will learn about a variety of topics ranging from the importance of creating passed pawns in the endgame to the most effective methods of attacking with an isolated pawn structure, or the best ways to blockade and target your opponent’s isolated pawn!
  • Deadly Chess Attacks – GM Victor Mikhalevski – Vol. 39 GM Mikhalevski is an experienced chess trainer and has held the grandmaster title for over 17 years, and in this Empire Chess DVD ¨Deadly Chess Attacks¨ he explains several of his most instructive victories by highlighting critical moments and providing detailed insight for viewers as to how a grandmaster approaches the thought process in chess. It is fascinating to learn how Mikhalevski thinks about certain positions, the types of candidate move that he considers, and the deepness of the varied plans he contemplates.
  • How Grandmasters Beat The King’s Gambit – GM Victor Mikhalevski – Vol. 45 Grandmaster Victor Mikhalevski will review all of the main lines and sidelines in the King’s Gambit, and instruct viewers on how to defend and refute this dangerous chess gambit with the black pieces. If you are a 1. e4 e5 player with black, this chess DVD will provide you with all of the necessary knowledge to destroy anyone who tries to catch you off guard with the exceptionally dangerous King´s Gambit starting with 1. e4 e5 2. f4.
  • GM Attacks for Club Players – GM Damian Lemos – Vol. 51 The importance of advanced Passed Pawns, Composure in finding solutions to problems, Searching deeper to find the correct solution, Nice explanation of 1.d4 openings, Elements that lead up to a successful attack, Searching for holes and finding a plan to use those holes, Knight Manoeuvres that help strive for the Initiative, Following Correct attacking concepts, How a GM sifts out bad moves to make it easier to just examine good ones, How to ‘get rid’ of opponents defenders and many more in what is a brilliant approach to learning the core essentials for club players up to Candidate Master guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos.
  • Attacking with Forcing Moves – GM Damian Lemos – Vol. 52 Attacking with The Dutch, Strong Centre, Pawn Storms in Closed Positions – when to play them, Capturing supporting Pawns and the consequences, Brilliant ‘King Hunts’, Two Knights defence with immediate N-g5!?, The Isolated Queen Pawn (IQP) is discussed outlining correct approach from both sides, When to open ‘lines’ for an advantage and many more in what is a brilliant approach to learning the core essentials for Club players up to Candidate Masters succinctly guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos.
  • Aggressive Chess Guide – GM Damian Lemos – Vol. 55 Initiative, punishing small opening errors, Carlsen game/Quick overview of The French Defense, The solid …c5 versus Tarrasch is looked at in detail, IQP factors considered, Placing Bishops on closed diagonals is not good, Placing Bishops on a diagonal that has just sacrificed a Pawn is good, Use threats to speed up your development, Slow down opponent’s development, Sacrificing a Pawn to prevent opponent Castling is normally worth it, Surprising lateral Rook attacks and many more, in what is a brilliant approach to learning the core essentials for Club players up to Candidate Masters succinctly guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos.
  • GM Crashing Attacks – GM Maxim Dlugy – Vol. 70 The DVD “GM Crushing Attacks” shows players how to attack like a Grandmaster, presented by GM Maxim Dlugy, he uses examples from Tal and his own games to show techniques and thinking structures to enable excellent attack play.