Empire Chess Volumes 11-20 Bundle

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Empire Chess Volumes 11-20 Bundle
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The Empire Chess series boasts a world-class team of chess trainers with over 40 years of combined chess teaching experience! Put the battle-tested knowledge of these strong Grandmasters to use by watching their unique DVD presentations of common opening ideas and deep middlegame concepts with this set of ten 3 hour chess DVDs.

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Empire Chess

When is the last time you evaluated your chess game? What are the best areas of your game, and what are the worst? Looking at your most recent games in the last 6 months, where are you winning games – and where are you losing games? Once you have pinpointed your strengths and weaknesses, you should make a plan to smooth out the rough edges in your game. If you find room for improvement in your openings and middlegames, the Empire Chess Volumes 11-20 Bundle is exactly what you need to take your game to the next level. This 10 DVD package features over 31 hours of high-quality chess instruction, presented by renown Grandmasters Ronen Har-Zvi, Damian Lemos, Rafael Leitão, Eugene Perelstheyn, and Leonid Kritz.

The Empire Chess series boasts a world-class team of chess trainers with over 40 years of combined chess teaching experience! Put the battle-tested knowledge of these strong Grandmasters to use by watching their unique DVD presentations of common opening ideas and deep middlegame concepts with this set of ten 3 hour chess DVDs. If you are playing the opening badly, you are giving the initiative to your opponent in every single game! Stop getting bossed around in the first 10 moves of the game and start dictating the course of play by understanding your opening choices at a Grandmaster level.

Volumes 11-20 of Empire Chess Series

iChess.net is proud to present the Empire Chess Collection 11-20 with over 31 Hours of Elite Grandmaster Content at a startling discount price of over 50% OFF! This chess DVD series is different from the competition because our focus is NOT on presenting boring/well-known opening theory and basic concepts – rather our elite team of Grandmasters encourages understanding-based learning. The Empire Chess DVD Series is GUARANTEED to make you a better player. By focusing on comprehensively improving the quality of your play in all stages of the game, your results and rating will SKYROCKET!

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  • Volume 11: Kasparov’s Greatest Hits – Presenter GM Damian Lemos: Viewers will not only learn about Kasparov’s preferred opening systems in many of the most common chess openings ever played – viewers will also learn how Kasparov used powerful chess psychology to attack his opponents from every angle! Grandmaster Lemos’ presentation in this chess DVD is extremely clear and concise, and the target audience is an intermediate level for this video series. GM Lemos will not only show you these classic Kasparov victories, but also explain the reasons behind the moves in the opening, and provide expert insight about Kasparov’s aggressive chess psychology – in this chess DVD Grandmaster Damien Lemos will teach you how to win like one of the best players ever! If you are a club-level chess player that wants to WIN MORE GAMES – this DVD is guaranteed to give you a strong push in the right direction.
  • Volume 12: Decimate Black with the Evans Gambit – Presenter GM Ronen Har-Zvi ¨Decimate Black with the Evans Gambit¨ is a chess DVD targeted at players of intermediate and advanced level, however, the beginner player will also learn quite a lot from GM Ronen Har-Zvi’s impeccably clear style of presentation. Grandmaster Har-Zvi is an extremely effective chess teacher with over 15 years of chess training experience. This DVD presents over 4.5 hours of elite grandmaster content and is guaranteed to provide viewers not only with deep knowledge of the common tactics and attacking patterns for white in the Evans Gambit but viewers will also learn about the positional fundamentals behind the moves! GM Ronen Har-Zvi does a fantastic job of demonstrating the reasons behind the moves in this complicated gambit system, ensuring that viewers will remain prepared and knowledgeable even if their opponents deviate from the main book lines. This chess DVD will provide you with greater positional and tactical understanding, presented from an exceptionally talented Grandmaster with a profound understanding of chess and how to teach it!
  • Volume 13: Destroy White with the Accelerated Dragon – Presenter GM Eugene Perelstheyn: Aside from reviewing the main lines and move orders, Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn also instructs viewers on deeper ideas and profound positional concepts. Many chess DVDs will teach you the move orders and nothing else – however in ¨Destroy White with the Accelerated Dragon¨ GM Perelshteyn focuses on the ideas behind the moves. After this watching this chess DVD, if your opponent deviates from the main moves early in the game – you will have nothing to worry about because you will truly understand the most effective PLANS, instead of memorizing topical move orders! This chess DVD presents over 2.5 hours of extremely high-quality grandmaster instruction, reviewing all of the main lines and sidelines in the Accelerated Dragon system (ECO Code B35). Specifically, GM Perelshteyn recommends a hypermodern approach with an immediate kingside fianchetto to avoid early deviations from the Accelerated Dragon (ie the Rossolimo Variation with 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5). With this hypermodern approach, you can narrow down your focus in the opening to really choose the lines that you want to research and play.
  • Volume 14: Crush the Caro-Kann with the Exchange Variation – Presenter GM Eugene Perelstheyn: The Caro-Kann Defense is an extremely solid opening choice for black against 1. e4. While the Advanced Variation involving 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 is certainly the most topical variation for white in the 21st century, it is definitely the most thoroughly studied and well-known line by Caro-Kann players. However, the Exchange Variation with 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. exd5 is not nearly as popular because many players (incorrectly!) think that this line is very drawish and promises white little chances to fight for an advantage from the opening. Viewers of the 2.5-hour chess DVD ¨Crush the Caro-Kann with the Exchange Variation¨ will find out that this is simply not the case! The Exchange Variation is a very subtle line for white to fight for a long-term positional advantage based on the rapid development of his two bishops that will make it very difficult for black to in turn develop his bishops to active diagonals. White has many different methods to play for an advantage in the Exchange Variation and presenter Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn does an excellent job of explaining white’s most accurate lines of play.
  • Volume 15: Secrets of the Janisch Gambit – Presenter GM Leonid Kritz: One of the main advantages of Janisch Gambit is the element of surprise. By immediately sidestepping the main lines of the Ruy Lopez, you are going to take your opponent out of his preparation and directly into yours – guaranteeing you a psychological advantage in the first stage of the game. It is also very uncomfortable for most Ruy Lopez players to face such a dynamic response from black, as many ¨Spanish Game¨ players are more inclined to a quieter game full of positional maneuvering – NOT the crazy tactical complications that commonly arise in the Janisch Gambit. If you are looking for a dynamic defense with the black pieces against the Ruy Lopez, the Janisch Gambit is the solution you have been looking for!
  • Volume 16: Crushing White with the Sicilian Najdorf – Presenter GM Rafael Leitão: At 2620 FIDE, Grandmaster Rafael Leitão is Brazil’s top player and continues to dominate in 2013, scoring numerous recent tournament victories and practically running the table in all of South America. GM Leitão has played the Sicilian Najdorf for nearly 20 years and in this 3-hour chess DVD, he gives viewers the positional foundation that is required to achieve consistent success with this complicated defense against 1. e4. GM Leitão explains that you should understand the positional concepts associated with the main line theory, but that doesn’t mean you have to memorize every single line. In this chess DVD, the Brazilian Grandmaster presents his recommended variations in every mainline and sideline of the Sicilian Najdorf so that viewers will have a complete, narrowly focused arsenal with black against 1. e4!
  • Volume 17: Stomping White with the Stonewall Defense – Presenter GM Eugene Perelstheyn: Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn is an extremely experienced chess trainer who has employed the Stonewall Defense with consistent success at the GM level. From a superficial glance, the Stonewall Defense may appear very simple (place your pawns on the light squares, trade your light-squared bishop or activate it via ..b6 and ..Ba6, and don’t let white play e4) – GM Perelshteyn is quick to point out common tactical and positional pitfalls. The Stonewall Defense also has an undeserved reputation for being a very drawish, passive opening – but GM Perelshteyn presents multiple attacking patterns in the center and kingside for black that can destroy any opponent with the white pieces! This chess DVD will improve your opening play with black and provide you with the knowledge to stomp white with the Stonewall Defense!
  • Volume 18: Winning with the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System – Presenter GM Eugene Perelstheyn: The Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System is both an aggressive and positional chess opening. White prepares an attack on the kingside with an early f4 while maintaining the threat of doubling black’s pawns with Bxc6 – applying similar positional concepts as found in the Nimzo-Indian Defense. If you are a 1. e4 player who has trouble against the main lines of the Sicilian Defense, and you don’t want to dedicate dozens of hours of valuable chess studying time to memorizing all of the variations so you can achieve an ending at .43 – why not try a different system to get better results with less effort? This setup is perfect for the beginner and intermediate chess player because it is driven by an understanding of positional concepts and thematic attacking plans – NOT memorization of move orders! In this 2-hour chess DVD, Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn presents his deep knowledge and experience of how to crush the Sicilian Defense with the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System.
  • Volume 19: Conquer with the King’s Indian Defense – Presenter GM Leonid Kritz: This 3-hour chess DVD is presented by Grandmaster Leonid Kritz and focuses primarily on the strategic ideas in the main lines and the most popular sidelines of the King’s Indian Defense. GM Kritz has worked as a chess trainer for over a decade and his experience really shines through – he clearly explains the main strategies and presents his recommended lines for black so that viewers of beginner and intermediate levels will easily understand the key points in this complicated opening system. ¨Conquer with the King’s Indian Defense¨ will provide viewers a deep understanding of the underlying strategic principles in every mainline and sideline of the KID, guaranteed to vastly improve your results with black against 1. d4!
  • Volume 20: Rocking the Ruy Lopez – Presenter GM Leonid Kritz: This 2 volume chess DVD set presents over 5.5 hours of elite grandmaster content, presented by experienced chess trainer GM Leonid Kritz. ¨Rocking the Ruy Lopez¨ examines all of the main lines of the Ruy Lopez as well as every sideline and rare gambit that you could encounter with the white pieces. After watching this chess DVD, you will develop a much higher understanding of general positional chess. Your results will skyrocket, not only in the Ruy Lopez but in any opening – because you will truly comprehend how to combine long-term strategy with the immediate tactical demands of the position. With over a decade of impressive tournament success with the Ruy Lopez, GM Kritz is very proud to present his extensive knowledge of this complicated opening system. Grandmaster Kritz is quick to emphasize that ¨Studying the Spanish Game is crucial not only for your opening repertoire but much more for your general chess education!¨