Endgame Masterclass with GM Misa Pap

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Endgame Masterclass with GM Misa Pap
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You see, endgames are tough to handle unless you know these little nuances and tricks—that’s why you need GM Misa Pap’s brand-new Endgame Masterclass.

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You sit down to play your game. Your confidence is high. You have been studying your opening theory. You have been solving chess puzzles every day.

After about 40 moves, you realize your opponent is not really that weak as you thought. Pieces are getting exchanged, one by one. Until you reach the endgame…

And that’s when it happened. You suddenly realized that you have put all your pawns in the same colored squares as your opponent’s bishop, while your opponent did the opposite. Ouch!

In the next few moves, the game is over. You resign out of sheer disgust.

You see, endgames are tough to handle unless you know these little nuances and tricks—that’s why you need GM Misa Pap’s brand-new Endgame Masterclass.

An 11-hour long masterpiece, like none other, that tells you how to win endgames ON DEMAND. Period.

Whether it is a pawn endgame or a queen endgame, Misa tackles the different endgames individually in separate chapters. Broken down in easily digestible formats.

Here’s what you would learn:

  • Paralyze opponent’s king. Deprive your opponent of any play by…restricting his king to one or two ranks. Not that easy though—when your opponent has got a rook against your rook. Pap did this against Popovic in a 2005 match (check out the analysis).
  • Stopping pawn promotion. Okay, so your opponent sac’d a piece to stop your pawn from promoting… now it’s his turn. Should you sac your piece too? Or can you keep your piece and still stop it from promoting to queen? Hint: employ the Rule of Opposition.
  • Discovered checks. Promoting a single pawn can be tricky. Especially when both sides have got one rook each. Aronian used the power of discovered check to make it happen against Carlsen. How? Let Misa show you the endgame move by move and explain the logic in great detail.
  • Sacrifice when required. The biggest mistake amateurs make is when they try to save every pawn on the board. Instead, calculate wherein your advantage lies. Then maneuver your king and other pieces towards that. Learn the art of evaluation of endgame positions from Misa first.
  • Maintain the distance. You must always try to push off your opponent’s king as far from your promoting pawn as you. It’s sort of a dance that you must learn. Too far, and you are wasting tempi. Too near, and your pawn can’t promote. Let Misa show you how it’s done.

Endgames are important, and I mean, SUPER IMPORTANT!

You can play a perfect game only to lose in the last couple of moves. You don’t want that, right?

Get started now!


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Pawn Endgames I
Chapter 3 Pawn Endgames II
Chapter 4 Queen Endgames I
Chapter 5 Complex Queen Endgames II
Chapter 6 Light Pieces Endgames I
Chapter 7 Light Pieces Endgames II
Chapter 8 Pawnless Rook Endgames
Chapter 9 Rook Endgames Special
Chapter 10 Rook Endgames I
Chapter 11 Rook Endgames II

Meet the Author

GM Misa Pap (FIDE 2521)

Is a self-made Serbian Grandmaster. He is a winner of 16 international tournaments with 2600+ performance, former youth Champion of Yugoslavia and 3-times Champion of Vojvodina. GM Pap is a regular participant of the European Chess League and has over 15 years of coaching experience. He is also a regular contributor to Chess Informant.