Expert Chess Understanding & Playing like a Pro 1300

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Expert Chess Understanding & Playing like a Pro 1300
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Expert Chess Understanding & Playing like a Pro 1300 can help you improve your tactical skills and main strategical middlegame ideas as well as avoid opening and typical middlegame mistakes. It is created in order to help you have stable results and improve your chess understanding.

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They know the fundamentals…
They learned a few openings…
They occasionally solve tactics …
They play tons of blitz and rapid…
They are rated anywhere between 1200-1400 Elo…

Sounds familiar?

This is a profile of a typical club player.

Chances are you know quite a few players just like that.

And it’s really just TWO roads from here.

Most players will stay where they are. Their ratings will fluctuate. But will never break 1400 or 1500.

Few players will quickly reach 1600. Then 1800 or even 2000.

Angelo Kesaris is a FIDE coach for over 20 years and has seen it all.

He helped hundreds of players to go from the typical 1300 Elo range to 1600-1800.

And now he recorded a complete training that will help anyone rated around 1300 to unleash their full potential and teleport to 1600-1800 territory.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • 5 Steps to WIN in Your Game – step-by-step approach will help you break down your game into manageable parts, making it easier to win
  • Acing Forced Variations – learn how to master variations that force your opponent to respond in a specific way, giving you an advantage
  • The Umbrella Technique – learn how to defend against multiple threats at once
  • Mastering the Magnet-Decoy – use this powerful technique to win material and gain a decisive advantage
  • Boosting Your Visualization – develop the most critical skill in chess, allowing you to see potential moves and positions in your mind’s eye
  • Evaluation of Positions Algorithm – learn the key principles behind evaluating a position and making the right decisions in the game
  • Checkmating Masterclass – discover the key principles behind checkmating
  • Forcing the Errors – learn how to create situations where your opponent is forced to make a mistake
  • Blockading a Weakness – discover the key principles behind blockading and how to use it to your advantage

And those are just a few key things you’ll learn.

This training is designed to give you the tools and strategies you need to win more games and take your chess to the next level.


Chapter 1. Fast Development of Pieces
Chapter 2. Safety of the King
Chapter 3. Blockade a weakness
Chapter 4. Five Steps to WIN
Chapter 5. Backward Pawn
Chapter 6. Endgame | Breakthrough
Chapter 7. Endgame | Ladle
Chapter 8. Luring and Double Attack
Chapter 9. Isolated Pawn
Chapter 10. Endgame | Triangulation
Chapter 11. Luring-Pin
Chapter 12. Lucena Position part – 2
Chapter 13. Play Against Doubled Pawns
Chapter 14. Luring-Skewer
Chapter 15. Philidor position part – 2
Chapter 16. Magnet-Decoy
Chapter 17. Rook vs pawns part – 2
Chapter 18. Total-Pin
Chapter 19. Vancura Position part – 2
Chapter 20. Mill
Chapter 21. Forced Variation
Chapter 22. The Umbrella
Chapter 23. Hunt and Shoot
Chapter 24. Errors // Play Fast
Chapter 25. Emptying a Square
Chapter 26. Errors // Force or help him?
Chapter 27. Play With Doubled Pawns
Chapter 28. Analyze your games
Chapter 29. Checkmate-3
Chapter 30.  Checkmate-3 Cut road
Chapter 31. Easy Studies
Chapter 32. Evaluate Position

Extra Lessons

Emptying a Square
Emptying a Square Tests
Errors // Force or help him?
Play With Doubled Pawns
Play With Doubled Pawns Tests
Analyze your games
Checkmate-3 Cut road
Checkmate-3 Tests
Easy studies
Easy studies Test
Evaluate Position
Visualization Program
Final Test

About the Authors:

Angelo Kesaris [FIDE 1928]

is a professional chess coach and FIDE National Instructor with 20 years of experience. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, and online teaching. Kesaris quickly made a name for himself by publishing practical strategies that new players can use to improve their chess.