FM Neustroev's Crash Course Collection

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FM Neustroev's Crash Course Collection
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Bringing the art of economics into chess, FM Neustroev's Crash Course Collection contains his bestselling courses: Defeating White with Paulsen Sicilian, Calculation Workshop, Tactics Crash Course, Planning Guide for Club Players..., and also (drumroll please!) How to Play like Nepo. Fun fact: many of his students are World Champs in their category.

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Calculation Workshop

Viktor created a complete Calculation Workshop where he takes you from the basics to very advanced tactics explaining the key ideas, techniques, and patterns throughout the way!

Defeat White with Paulsen Sicilian

To make learning this new system an absolute breeze, you get 12 hours of HD video lessons, PGN files for all lines, plus a BONUS quiz to make sure you master EVERY key strategy.

Planning Guide for Club Players

FM Viktor Neustroev just recorded a brand-new 12-hour course, Planning Guide for Club Players, where he walks you through this strategy step-by-step.

Play Chess Like Nepo

We wanted to figure out the secret behind Nepomniatchi’s magic… and that’s why FM Viktor Neustroev brings to you a massive 12-hour training Play Chess Like Nepo… where he dissects Nepo’s playing style, from opening to strategy to defense to endgame technique.

High-Intensity Tactics Crash Course for Beginners

Master Every Tactical Pattern Easily with High-Intensity Crash Course [12 hours of training] – You’ll learn ‘everything TACTICS’ starting from pins and discovered attacks all the way to the annihilation of defense, distraction, typical plans, opening-specific patterns and ‘endgame-tactics’.

About the Author:

FM Viktor Neustroev [2305 FIDE]

is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competitions and received various awards. He has coached for many years and has had highly successful students. Viktor sees his mission in teaching chess and making his students overall much better players.