From Novice to Advanced by Mato Jelic

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From Novice to Advanced by Mato Jelic
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Mato Jelic is a quiet-spoken chess coach with a whopping 96,560 engaged and loyal online fans.His lessons are simple and effective - and thousands of novices are swarming to them for chess tips.
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From Novice to Advanced by Mato Jelic

As a chess improver, it’s essential to become familiar with the most crucial situations you’re likely to encounter at the board. Mato builds up this “pattern recognition” by examining the most common tactics, checkmate patterns and opening traps in his famed entertaining style.

Once you have this foundation, Mato proceeds to demonstrate some of the most spectacular quick wins in the history of chess. You’ll be absorbing the very best attacking ideas from legends such as Paul Morphy, Alexander Alekhine, Garry Kasparov, and Bobby Fischer!

These ideas and games are so memorable, you’ll be ready to employ them in your own games whenever the opportunity arises.

With your knowledge built up, Mato shows you how to develop the skills you need for success at the chessboard. You’ll learn how to look at a position, evaluate it, find weaknesses and construct a winning plan. You’ll discover the unique elements of strong endgame play – a key area for getting the full point in tournaments and one often overlooked by chess students.

Finally, accelerate your improvement with Mato’s top tips for getting better at chess and test your skill with the “killer move” section.

With 8½ hours of brilliant instructive content, From Novice to Advanced in 7 days gives you everything you need to make serious gains in your chess!

Time to get started!

You will learn:

  • Essential Checkmates: The 12 most common mating patterns explained so simply that you can immediately use them to win your own games!
  • Popular Openings: A deeper look at the best chess openings with examples from the top masters (for tournament-ready openings play)
  • Instructive Miniatures: 33 of the most instructive short games in history with examples from Morphy to Kasparov! (the simple ideas in these games will give you an immediate jump in strength)
  • And much, much more!

Course Outline:

  • CHAPTER 1 Checkmate Patterns
  • CHAPTER 2 Chess Openings
  • CHAPTER 3 Instructive Miniatures
  • CHAPTER 4 The 30 Most Important Endgame Positions
  • CHAPTER 5 How to evaluate a chess position
  • CHAPTER 6 Endgame Exercises
  • CHAPTER 7 Mato’s Top 10 Tips for Improvement
  • CHAPTER 8 Find the Killer Move

Mato Jelic

is one of the most popular chess presenters and teachers, who mainly focuses on helping beginners at reaching new heights and advancing at chess. His lessons are simple and effective – and thousands of novices are swarming to them for chess tips.