Fundamentals of Strategy – GM Georg Meier

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Fundamentals of Strategy – GM Georg Meier
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GM Meier did great work in his first course for iChess – a brilliant 3-hour training on advanced strategy for our INC Turbo series.

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Intuition Navigates Chaos: Turbo – Fundamentals of Strategy with GM Georg Meier

Chess players are supposed to be master strategists… but too many players neglect the development of this skill.

Which makes no sense.

Strategy is the map that gets you to your goal, a strong plan that drives you to victory… it’s like swimming with the current instead of against it.

And if you consider yourself a tactical player, just remember Fischer’s observation that “tactics flow from a superior position”.

Quality coaching on the more refined strategic ideas is hard to find… enter top German GM Georg Meier who is decided to give you the benefit of his decades of analytic and practical experience.

GM Meier did great work in his first course for iChess – a brilliant 3-hour training on advanced strategy for our INC Turbo series.

If you study this course, you will be a better player. No doubt about it.

About the Author:

Georg Meier (born August 26, 1987) is a German chess grandmaster.

He has been a competitor of several tournaments, like the 2009 World Cup, in December of that same year, Meier tied for 1st-4th places with Julio Granda, Viktor Láznička, and Kiril Georgiev in the 19th Magistral Pamplona Tournament. In 2014, he shared second place with Peter Leko in the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting, won by Fabiano Caruana. Meier won the main Grandmaster tournament at the 2017 Maccabiah Games in Jerusalem, ahead of Ukrainian Grandmaster Alexander Moiseenko.

In team events, he has played for Germany in events like the Chess Olympiad, World Team Chess Championship, European Team Chess Championship, and Mitropa Cup. His team won the gold medal in the 2011 European Team Championship in Porto Carras, Greece.

How is this course going to help me?

Get ready for some great lessons:

  • Targeting Weaknesses. A weakness is only a weakness if it can be exploited. Take this example (diagram). You have probably seen this early queen exchange many times. Can White exploit the doubled pawns? GM Meier exposes some deep chess truths in this clash between two 2800 players.
  • Winning Level Positions. Carlsen is famous for it… ability to extract win after win from seemingly equal positions. For some people, this is a result of endurance or luck. GM Meier identifies the fine margins that make one side of the equal position easier to play than the other.
  • When Champions Collide. In this game between Anand and Carlsen, White goes after the bishop pair with 9.g4 (diagram). This one move sets the strategic battle for the rest of the game. Georg Meier reveals the advanced secrets of this hugely instructive game.


  • Eliminating Counterplay. No matter how good your position is, strong players will constantly be looking for counterplay. You need to be at least 1 step ahead, combining pushing your plan forward with finding and eliminating your opponent’s counterplay. This course will help you find that balance.

Strategic shrewdness stays with you – unlike tactical sharpness – making this the best bang for your buck in terms of return on your training time.

Many of these ideas you won’t have seen before – at least, not to this level.

And Georg does a fantastic job of explaining why things work the way they do. Quality coaching is delivered in a clear and calm manner.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

Chapter List

  • Lesson 1: The Weak King
  • Lesson 2: Pawn Weaknesses
  • Lesson 3: Converting a Winning Position