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Gambits Super Pack
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This pack includes a collection of 15 in-depth video courses led by 9 renowned chess experts, covering a wide range of gambit openings across various chess openings. From the daring King's Gambit and the aggressive Benko Gambit to the tactical Smith-Morra Gambit and the strategic Queen's Gambit, this pack explores the intricacies and complexities of these aggressive opening systems. Whether you're an aspiring attacking player or simply looking to diversify your opening repertoire, the Gambits Super Pack offers valuable insights and strategic weapons to surprise and outplay your opponents on the chessboard.

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Albin Counter-Gambit with IM Milovan Ratkovic

The Albin Counter-Gambit appears on the board after 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e5 followed by 3. dxe5 d4. It is a pretty unusual, yet tricky opening. Black sacrifices the pawn in exchange for very good development and an advanced d4-pawn. There is some theory you need to know if you are planning to play Albin Counter-Gambit for either side.

Queen’s Gambit Declined with IM Milovan Ratkovic

IM Milovan Ratkovic comes in with his latest course Queen’s Gambit Declined – a 10+ hour video training focusing on refuting the best possible replies by White (including some tricky ones like the Catalan or the London).

Blumenfeld Gambit with GM Misa Pap

With GM Misa Pap’s all-new video training, Blumenfeld Gambit, stretching over three hours, you can execute this fiery pseudo-gambit opening for Black in a flawless way, with a winning plan and killer sequences… while White fumbles around looking for the “best moves”.

Play g4 Gambit vs. Philidor with GM Misa Pap

Let GM Misa Pap explain the ins and outs of this crazy yet super effective variation, the essential ideas, the move order, how to play it, and how to counter it… in his brand-new course, g4 Gambit vs. Philidor.

Countering 1.d4 Gambits with GM Jacek Stopa

Polish Grandmaster Jacek Stopa presents his brand-new course, Countering 1.d4 Gambits. GM Stopa reveals the most effective and lean ways for White to refute the 3 most dangerous gambits: Albin Counter-Gambit, Budapest Gambit, and Queen’s Gambit Accepted.

King’s Gambit Mastermind with GM Marian Petrov

In King’s Gambit Mastermind, GM Marian Petrov teaches you not just the theory, but also how the absolute legends approached the King’s Gambit, so that you can follow in their footsteps and win just as brilliantly as they did.

Win with Budapest Gambit vol. 1-2 with GM Marian Petrov

Nearly no one is prepared to play against the Budapest Gambit which means you are instantly getting both a tactical and psychological edge. Add the low-theory approach adapted by GM Marian Petrov and you get an amazing weapon for club players against 1.d4 lines.

Queen’s Gambit Declined: Janowski Variation with GM Miloje Ratkovic

GM Ratkovic took time off his busy tournament schedule to create the ‘ultimate shortcut’ based on Queen’s Gambit Declined: Janowski Variation. In just 5 hours you’ll learn everything there is to know about Janowski Variation to outclass 90% of your opponents.

Win with Benko Gambit by GM Miloje Ratkovic

The Benko Gambit is a fine blend of controlled aggression and positional solidity—easiest to learn, easiest to play, and extremely uncomfortable for White! It is a must-have weapon in your opening arsenal against White’s queen’s pawn opening… and that’s why we bring GM Miloje Ratkovic’s brand-new course Win with Benko Gambit for you.

Queen’s Gambit Declined with …h6 with IM Zaur Tekeyev

IM Zaur Tekeyev is here to present a trendy novelty when it comes to QGD! In just 3-hours, you’ll get a complete understanding of the…h6 system and will be able to deploy it in any of your Queen’s Gambit Declined games.

Win with Smith-Morra Gambit with GM Kristian Szabo

GM Kristian Szabo has graciously agreed to reveal this SUPER POWERFUL opening to the public. Kristian recorded a 10-hour course giving you a complete understanding of the attacking system sufficient to take down chess giants.

Play the Wing Gambit with FM Viktor Neustroev

FM Viktor Neustroev is back with the Wing Gambit which is an ultra-rare opening involving a pawn sac, that can be played against nearly ANY Sicilian!

Win with Evans Gambit with FM Viktor Neustroev

FM Viktor Neustroev’s new training Evans Gambit has reached just on time. From Anderssen Variation to McDonnell Defense to Evans Gambit Declined… Viktor goes through each variation in great detail, explaining every potential alternative and its repercussions on both White and Black.

The Queen’s Gambit: Complete Repertoire for White with GM Tamas Fodor

GM Fodor, with his unique insights and practical experience, throws new light into the Queen’s Gambit as an opening. And whether you are a beginner or a seasoned chess player, we guarantee you will absolutely love this course.

About the Authors:

IM Milovan Ratkovic [FIDE 2411]

is a Serbian International Master and chess coach. Some of his top students were able to reach 2400 and 2300 Elo respectively. IM Ratkovic is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is to obtain the Grandmaster title.

GM Misa Pap [FIDE 2521]

is a self-made Serbian Grandmaster. He is a winner of 16 international tournaments with 2600+ performances, former youth Champion of Yugoslavia, and a 3-time Champion of Vojvodina. GM Pap is a regular participant of the European Chess League and has over 15 years of coaching experience. He is also a regular contributor to Chess Informant.

GM Miloje Ratkovic [FIDE 2499]

is a Serbian Grandmaster with a FIDE of 2499. He obtained the title of GM in 2021. Miloje has won many National and International events. He is a professional player, chess coach, and Twitch streamer. GM Ratkovic is also a huge fan of the online blitz with Elo 2785.

GM Marian Petrov [FIDE 2537]

is an accomplished professional chess coach, theorist, and Bulgarian champion in 2002 and 2017, as well as a winner of many open tournaments around the world. Also a FIDE trainer and coach of the team of Wales at the last Olympiad in Baku in 2016. He graduated from the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in Chess Pedagogy, a four-year undergraduate program designed to prepare top-level chess trainers.

IM Zaur Tekeyev [FIDE 2409]

is a FIDE Master who recently became an International Master. Zaur has been coaching chess players of different ages and levels for many years. As a player, he has won multiple tournaments, one of the best results being the 1st place in the Russian National Students’ Chess League Championship (Moscow Open, 2017). Zaur is also a big online blitz player, with an online rating of over 2800.

FM Viktor Neustroev [FIDE 2305]

is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competitions and received various awards. He has coached for many years and has had highly successful students. Viktor sees his mission in teaching chess and making his students overall much better players.

GM Krisztian Szabo [FIDE 2564]

is a Hungarian Grandmaster. He has won multiple Hungarian National Championships, European Youth Championship, and World Youth Championship (Silver) and has represented his country as part of the adult national team.

GM Szabo is a celebrated coach, he is second to Richard Rapport, he was coaching Aryan Chopra (Grandmaster at 14) and many International Masters. He has also worked extensively with Peter Leko and Judit Polgar, having spent around 6 years with each of them.

GM Jacek Stopa [FIDE 2544]

is originally from Poland, started playing chess at the age of 8 after randomly buying a chess set on a winter vacation. His father taught him how to play and he soon became addicted. Jacek earned his International Master title at age 18 and was the European Team Chess Champion in Solving Chess Problems in 2008. He has developed into a very effective chess instructor over the last six years, helping many young chess players reach their maximum potential.

GM Tamas Fodor [FIDE 2533]

Is a Hungarian Grandmaster. He learned chess at 5 and since then has been in love with it. During his junior years, Tamas has been competing in countless tournaments and with hard work and dedication was able to reach the Grandmaster level in 2013. Tamas is an active tournament player and renowned coach for over 10 years. His best performances include 1st place in the 2009 European Team Chess Championship, 1st place in Junior Hungarian Championship, and 1st place in 2001 World Chess Championship U10 among many other international events.