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GM Damian Lemos Mega Bundle
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GM Damian Lemos is the face of iChess. In recent years, he has produced hundreds of hours of premium chess lessons to help the iChess community (you!) improve their chess in every aspect of the game you can imagine.

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GM Damian Lemos is the face of iChess. In recent years, he has produced hundreds of hours of premium chess lessons to help the iChess community (you!) improve their chess in every aspect of the game you can imagine.

Chess openings, middlegame, calculation, tactics, prophylaxis, defense, attack, endgames, decision making… he’s done it all.

We are talking about 330+ hours of chess content to learn chess from scratch, or to become more than just a club player, or to… oh yes… reach the master level!

We’ve just put together all 86 chess courses by Damian Lemos in this must-have essential mega bundle. Take advantage of being able to learn from one of the most popular chess presenters in the world.

What Will I Learn?

  • Complete Opening Repertoire
    In the GM Lemos’ Deep Dive Collection, Damian gives you the deep knowledge you need to outplay your opponents in over 20 different specific chess openings. No prior opening knowledge is required as Damian begins each course with a comprehensive overview of each of the chess openings that he covers, explaining the ideas behind them and the plans for each side.
  • Thought Process & Calculation
    Thinking outside of the box: take a look at this position (right). White is loading up against e6 (and f7), ready to play f5 and Ne4-d6. What do you do? Play …Re8 and …Nf8 to protect e6? Seems sensible… what about playing …f6? Blunder? No – it leads to a crushing attack for Black!
  • Forcing Moves
    Making moves work. Forcing moves, the initiative, attacking play, sacrifices… we want to force issues, to take control… but know you can’t just play something aggressive and ‘hope’ it works. GM Damian Lemos examines WHY these moves work, using elite level examples.
  • Sacrifices & Navigating Chaos
    GM Lemos always teaches “Trust your position. Believe there is a resource.” He’ll also give you step-by-step processes to find winning/saving moves.
  • Pattern Recognition
    Going over several exercises with the same pattern will help you develop your intuition whenever the pattern is present in your tournament play.
  • And much, much more (GMs techniques, thinking patterns, and attitude; attacking chess; playing for the win; exploiting positional mistakes…).

About the Author:

Damian Lemos is a grandmaster from Argentina with a peak rating of 2559 Elo.

In his lessons, Damian works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected.

By developing specifically-tailored training regimens for every one of his students, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches dream of.

Just a taste of all the courses included:

INC Turbo + Club Player’s Manifesto 2K
This bundle offers you the recently published 4-hour chess course Evaluation & Strategy – Intuition Navigates Chaos Turbo and this year’s 12-hour course Club Player’s Manifesto 2K.

GM Damian Lemos will help you improve your strategic play with 16+ hours packed with valuable lessons so you can develop the skills and understanding needed to find strong moves in any position.


Evaluation & Strategy – GM Damian Lemos
Remember. ‘Strategy’ doesn’t mean ‘positional’.

While there are some fascinating positional games in this course, you also get to work on your attacking strategies and sharpen your ability to evaluate double-edged positions.

GM Lemos has selected 7 games, each one packed with valuable learning points – and you probably haven’t seen any of them before.

While you can always learn new things from games, GM Damian Lemos wanted to give you the absolute biggest power-up possible.

A few of the things we cover…

incevstratrg6-300x300Dominant attacking play. If you want attacks that don’t run out of steam, you need to be able to think in schemes… accurately assessing the time and force you and your opponent can bring to the attack zone. GM Lemos teaches you how to create sustained, hard-hitting attacks that make your opponent implode.

  • Turning the screw. So you’ve got control of a file or secured the bishop pair. How do you increase your advantage instead of letting your opponent back into the game? Take a look at this position (diagram). Both of White’s pieces are better than Black’s counterparts… but what next? If you would play Rxb6 in a game then you will learn a HUGE amount from this course!
  • Judging dynamic chances. GM Lemos explains how to make positional sacrifices that work for you. You need to combine evaluation – what plusses do you get? – and strategy – how can you make those advantages pay? The tips GM Lemos give you will remove the guesswork.

Club Player’s Manifesto 2K – GM Damian Lemos

Are you ready to finally smash that 2000 FIDE barrier?

After “how can I get better at chess”, the next most-heard question is “what do I have to do to hit 2000 FIDE?”

Only 5% of serious (rated) chess players ever reach the 2k level. It’s a major accomplishment, one that places you in the most-respected group of players.

Not everyone has the huge amount of spare time required to hit IM or GM-level, but GM Lemos firmly believes ANY reasonably smart, ambitious person can reach 2000 FIDE… with the right training.

The 12-hour Club Player’s Manifesto 2k is all about developing the skills and understanding needed to find strong moves in any position.

Masterclass Bundle (Vol 1 – 6) – GM Damian Lemos

#01 Damian Lemos’ Attacking Masterclass

Discover the secrets of attacking play with this new, 10-hour course from GM Damian Lemos!

GM Lemos dissects 14 attacking masterpieces to reveal the most effective methods of attacking the king, whether in the opening or the middlegame, and no matter where the king is or how many pieces are desperately trying to defend him!

#02 Positional Chess Masterclass

Discover the secrets of positional chess with this new, 9½ hour course from GM Damian Lemos!

Through the analysis of 16 carefully chosen games, Damian explains how we can build winning positions, move by move, without our opponent having to make a tactical mistake!

#03 Chess Strategy Masterclass

Discover the secrets of chess strategy with this new, 9½ hour course from GM Damian Lemos!

With insightful analysis of 15 carefully selected games, GM Lemos explains what to do at the board to properly plan and create well-constructed, winning positions.

#04 Chess Tactics Masterclass

Tactics win games. If you want to get the edge over your opponents, there is no quicker way than by mastering the secrets of chess tactics!

In his new, 9 hour Masterclass, GM Damian Lemos breaks down some of the most spectacular tactics ever played, revealing the piece formations that make them work, how to spot the “clues” in the position and how to analyze each line efficiently to make sure there are no nasty surprises in your games!

#5 Middlegame Masterclass

Discover the secrets of middlegame strategy with this new, 9½ hour course from GM Damian Lemos! Through the analysis of 16 carefully chosen games, Damian explains the best guiding principles to follow in order to handle any middlegame position! Build winning positions, move by move, without having to hope for your opponent to blunder!

#6 Endgame Masterclass!

GM Damian Lemos solves this issue with his Endgame Masterclass, an 8-hour exploration of the secrets of practical endgames and the all-important pre-endgame transition.

Mixing general principles with analysis of games from endgame greats like Capablanca, Karpov, and Kasparov, GM Lemos teaches you how to dominate the final phase.

GM Lemos’ Deep Dive Collection

Lemos-Deep-Dive-Collection-e1540338949913-300x300Chess openings knowledge is crucial in competitive chess. Between equal players, it often makes the difference between winning and drawing.

However, up till now, most opening instruction has been very general – good enough so you know what you’re doing but without the detail required to give you the competitive edge in tournaments.

GM Damian Lemos has addressed that with his acclaimed Deep Dive series.

As the name suggests, Damian gives you the deep knowledge you need to outplay your opponents in specific openings.

Despite the advanced nature of the courses, no prior knowledge is required as Damian begins each course with a comprehensive overview of each one of the chess openings that he covers, explaining the ideas behind the opening and the plans for each side.

Here are some of the openings you’ll be able to master:

The King’s Indian Defense
kings-indian-defense-damian-lemosPut your opponent on the defensive with the classic counter-attacking weapon against 1.d4, the King’s Indian Defense – the choice of World Champions from Bobby Fischer to Garry Kasparov.

In this comprehensive 9 hour Deep Dive course, GM Damian Lemos reveals all you need to know to become an expert in the King’s Indian Defense (1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7), demonstrating how to combat each of the main White variations in turn.

The active King’s Indian Defense repertoire recommended by GM Lemos will frustrate White players used to trying their pet lines while giving Black excellent chances to play for a win in all variations.

The King’s Indian Defense is the definitive answer to 1.d4 and will serve you well for the whole of your playing career. If you want an opening system that your opponents will fear and will produce attacking wins by the bucketload, master the King’s Indian Defense with GM Damian Lemos’ Deep Dive course!

The London System
The-London-System-main-line-300x300If you want to learn a clever opening system that even Kramnik (2808 Elo) decided to turn to, The London System with GM Damian Lemos is the perfect course for you.

Here are some other reasons to learn the London System from GM Lemos:

  1. You’ll learn his “caveman” technique for using the bishop pair to create terrifying attacks on the kingside (it looks crude, but even GRANDMASTERS have lost to this “blitzkrieg” attack!)
  2. GM Lemos will also show you how to play the system in a calm and positional manner with absolutely no risk (perfect for slowly outplaying mega-tactical kids and other less experienced opponents)
  3. You’ll discover the tactical method that British GM Tony Miles used to embarrass a GM colleague in just 19 moves (GM Lemos gives you a whole bag of tactical ideas to keep ready for unsuspecting opponents and GM Miles’s ingenious idea is only one of them!)
  4. You get fantastic extras including PGNs, puzzles, and a course summary for quick revision and to play sparring games in your new system.

Plus tons more in 120+ hours of superb GM video lessons!

From 1500 to 2500: Manifesto MegaBundle

GM-Damian-Lemos-about-page-300x200Of all our chess courses, the ‘Manifesto’ packs have been by far the most popular, and with good reason. When we asked GM Damian Lemos to come up with the most important training material to take an ambitious player from 1500 to Candidate Master standard, he drew on his own experience, picked out everything that helped him on his path, and produced the Club Player’s Manifesto series.

The original 10 volumes taught strategy, pawn structures, playing with the initiative, and sophisticated attacking play. Damian pinpointed all of the most common mistakes made by club players and went on to show exactly what they should be doing differently to win their games.

The reception was overwhelmingly positive with many students reporting several “a-ha” moments leading to a breakthrough in their chess understanding.

We had requests for a follow-up course and GM Lemos was only too happy to produce another 10 volumes. The mysterious art of defense, mastered by Korchnoi and Petrosian, was explored, an area of weakness that costs many players points.

The secret to great tactical ability was revealed as were the finer points of attacking, counter-attacking, and a treatise on perhaps the most important subject for competitive players: how to think like a Grandmaster.

Together, these 20 volumes contain everything you need to know to make the journey from club player to Candidate Master. Then came a third installment: the Grandmaster Manifesto.

GM Lemos presents this advanced chess course, reserved for the most ambitious players who really want to achieve their greatest potential. With deep insights into the games of some of the finest players in chess history, the 10 volumes look at the small advantages, the hidden nuances, and refined strategies that separate the great from the good.

Now, for the first time, you can get the entire collection together with “From 1500 to 2500: Manifesto MegaBundle”. This is a complete chess course specially designed to take you all the way from club player to master level and beyond.

Everything you need to succeed in chess is here in this 75-hour MegaBundle. If you have ever wanted a GM to show you how to radically improve your chess and catapult your rating skyward, then here is your opportunity.

GM Lemos presents each of the 30 individual courses in a unique “one-on-one” coaching style so you get the maximum benefit from the material.

Each module comes with a pdf of puzzles related to it so you can test your new-found knowledge and see how far you’ve come. Plus, PGNs are included so you can replay and analyze the key material with your favorite engine.

With the Manifesto MegaBundle, you have all the training you need all in one place – and get a huge discount on the individual prices too!

If you are serious about achieving what you know you’re capable of in chess, then this is the package you’ve been waiting for. Follow in GM Lemos’ footsteps and go from 1500-2500.

Legendary Chess Players DVD Bundle

Studying the best players is a superb way to improve your skill level dramatically. In each of their games are all the secrets of chess – if you know where to look.

GM Damian Lemos profiled 6 Super GMs to reveal the techniques, thinking patterns and attitude that makes them so successful.LegendaryChessPlayers1-1-300x300

With this DVD bundle you will learn:

  • to find the most powerful, pressurizing moves every time like Kasparov
  • to create new grand concepts over the board like Ivanchuk
  • Grischuk’s secret to getting a nearly-won game out of the opening
  • how to sense the critical moments of a game like Peter Svidler
  • how to play any type of position like Topalov
  • and how to conjure ferocious attacks like Morozevich!

From 30 games by these 6 legends, GM Lemos picks out the methods that you can learn and apply to your game straight away to make you a far stronger player. You will also learn how to make the moves that are most difficult psychologically for your opponent and how to steer a game in the direction you want it to go.

This series features many breathtaking games of chess and is hugely entertaining but GM Lemos makes sure you get the maximum benefit to your chess education too. The “Legendary Chess Players” bundle is sure to be one of your most prized possessions.


  1. Kasparov’s Greatest Hits 2. Grandsmasters Secrets – Veselin Topalov
  2. Grandsmasters Secrets – Vassily Ivanchuk
  3. Grandsmasters Secrets – Alexander Grischuk
  4. Grandsmasters Secrets – Peter Svidler
  5. Grandsmasters Secrets – Alexander Morozevich

Comprehensive Beginner Chess Course (EC Vol 21-30) + Bonus

GM Damian Lemos spent nearly 6 months carefully putting together this comprehensive beginner chess course that carefully teaches you how to reach the 1500-1600 FIDE level as quickly and easily as possible.

As many of you know Lemos was able to reach the GM Level without much coaching and without much help from computers.

You don’t need to memorize tons of complex openings or purchase any expensive software. The truth is until you reach 2000 FIDE you don’t even need a chess engine!

What every beginner needs and what every comprehensive beginner chess course should contain is a solid understanding that covers all essential elements of the chess game and put them together in a cohesive theme that you can use in your games.

I’ve noticed too many comprehensive beginner courses overcomplicated things for the early club level player who is hoping to reach a higher strength.

The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery – The Lemos Method

TheLemosMethod-The-5-Elements-of-Chess-Mastery-300x300Get to master level quicker with the Lemos Method, the 15-hour course for serious chess improvers from GM Damian Lemos.

Drawing on his own experience, Damian focuses on the 5 keys areas you need to work on to become a strong player: understanding the opening; exploiting positional mistakes; creating powerful attacks; playing for a win, and learning from the classics.

The insights and advice contained in the Lemos Method will save you from years of hit-and-miss learning, and give you techniques you can put into practice right away.

You’ll learn how to build up your opening repertoire from basic to advanced, create winning chances against passive players and add the most powerful ideas of all time to your game.

As well as the 15 hours of video coaching, you get PGNs of the featured games, practical tests and a course summary to reinforce the new ideas.


1.Understanding the opening

a.Understanding the Ideas Behind the Openings
b.The Open Sicilian, 4.Qxd4 (Yandemirov-Voitsekhovsky)
c.Yandemirov-Voitsekhovsky, part 2
d.Yandemirov-Voitsekhovsky, part 3

2.Exploiting Positional Mistakes

a.Weak squares (San Segundo Carrillo-Spice)
b.San Segundo Carrillo-Spice, part 2
c.Punishing early Queen moves (Sulskis-Yakovich)

3.Creating Attacks

a.Attacking the King in the center (Alekhine-Fahrni)
b.Attacking strategy (Greenfeld-Postny)
c.Destroying the King’s defenses (Sznapik-Foisor)

4.Playing for a win

a.Breaking the equilibrium (Hiermann-Uhlmann)
b.Breaking the equilibrium, part 2
c.Beating passive players (Belous-Matlakov)
d.Beating passive players, part 2
e.Creating winning chances (Vina Gutierrez-Lemos)
f.Provoking mistakes (Mulleady-Lemos)
g.Complicating the game (Tukmakov-Kasparov)
h.Complicating the game, part 2

5.Learning from the Classics

a.The Queenside attack (Flamberg-Alekhine)
b.The Queenside attack, part 2
c.Flawless strategy (Capablanca-Alekhine)
d.Flawless strategy, part 2
e.Precise defense (Marshall-Capablanca)
f.Precise defense, part 2
g.Practical chances (Spassky-Fischer)
h.Practical chances, part 2
i.Complete control (Gligoric-Fischer)