How to Attack IM Milovan Ratkovic

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How to Attack  IM Milovan Ratkovic
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In this 3-hour course, IM Milovan Ratkovic arms you with 10 very powerful attacking weapons that you can use to win your games in-style! And you only have to learn these techniques and ideas once – they never change!

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There is no surprise that the ability to attack decides games.

No matter whether you are playing against a Club Player or an IM… whoever launches first successful attack – wins.

Milovan Ratkovic learned this the hard way.

He was stuck at the 1900 level for quite a while…

Then he learned SOMETHING that allowed him to jump straight to 2200 Elo. Then to 2300. And to 2441.

In this course, IM Ratkovic is revealing his secret of success. Milovan will share with you the 10 golden rules of launching a successful attack.

This is big, and it will help you win games.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • “Do Not Rush” Principle and how to apply it a various attacking scenarios
  • How to bring extra forces to fuel your attack – Garry Kasparov’s approach
  • Michail Tal’s multi-flank attack [works great on all levels of play]
  • How to find weaknesses in your opponent’s camp [even if you think there are none]
  • Master’s level piece coordination and planning
  • Biggest mistakes that stop 90% of game-winning attacks before they even begin

This is just a little taste of what you’ll learn in this high-intensity 3-hour course with IM Ratkovic.

If you are ready for ‘attacking play’ transformation and want your attacks to run like a well-oiled machine.

This is for you.

IM Milovan Ratkovic (FIDE 2411)

Is a Serbian International Master and chess coach. Some of his top students were able to reach 2400 and 2300 Elo respectively. IM Ratkovic is an active tournament player and one of his near-future goals is obtaining the Grandmaster title.