Mastering Positional Play with GM Sipke Ernst

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Mastering Positional Play with GM Sipke Ernst
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GM Ernst has put together his 7-hour Mastering Positional Play – the complete training on positional chess for all under 2200 players.

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Imagine you are playing an important game. You made it through the opening.

The position is fairly equal.

You are staring at the board not knowing what to do next. The position isn’t screaming for an attack. There isn’t a straightforward plan to jump out.

Now what?

Dutch GM Sipke Ernst [2606 FIDE] knows the answer.

You apply the 5-step positional play algorithm, ‘read’ the position, and proceed with a sound plan.

Everything becomes instantly clear and you won’t be asking ‘what now’.

Want to learn how?

GM Ernst has put together his 7-hour Mastering Positional Play – the complete training on positional chess for all under 2200 players.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Pawn Play Mastery – Learn to read the pawn structures and your game plan and execution will follow. GM Ernst will train you on understanding the fundamental structures when it comes to positional play.
  • Maneuvering Pieces Blueprint – Position your pieces on right squares and half of the battle is already won. GM Ernst will share his own system for finding the best squares for each piece and will train you on how to occupy those.
  • Prophylactic Thinking – This is a bit like predicting the future. If you know what your opponent will do, you will have a greater chance of stopping it dead in its tracks. It is easier than it sounds if you know what you are doing. And GM Ernst will make sure you do!
  • Space Edge – It’s much easier to play when you’ve got space. If all your pieces are jammed, it is no fun. In this section, GM Ernst will give you a complete masterclass for controlling and exploiting extra squares on the board.
  • Transformation of Advantages – Oftentimes to win the game you’ve got to convert one advantage into another (material to initiative or space to time). Master this skill and you’ll surely add at least 200 points to your performance.

If you are looking for a tested and proven way to improve, this is it.

It is time to take your positional chess to a whole new level!


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Berelowitsch – Capone 2015
Chapter 3. Ernst – Miedema 2009
Chapter 4. Kramnik – Beliavsky 1995
Chapter 5. Smyslov – Keres 1948
Chapter 6. Carlsen – Aronian 2019
Chapter 7. Kramnik – Ulybin 1992
Chapter 8. Anand – Kamsky 1995
Chapter 9. Karpov – Spassky 1974
Chapter 10. Botvinnik – Flohr 1936
Chapter 11. Kovalevskaya – Girya 2020
Chapter 12. Esipenko – Hansen 2022
Chapter 13. So – Kramnik 2017
Chapter 14. Gavrikov – Jussupow 1985
Chapter 15. Tiviakov – Ernst 2012
Chapter 16. Epishin – Nikolic 2002
Chapter 17. DeWinter – Sekar 2022
Chapter 18. Ljubojevic – Kramnik 1998
Chapter 19. Capablanca – Treybal 1929
Chapter 20. Karpov – Unzicker 1974
Chapter 21. Karpov – Jussupow 1993
Chapter 22. Nakamura – Kramnik 2012
Chapter 23. Carlsen – Adams 2007 Part 1
Chapter 24. Carlsen – Adams 2007 Part 2
Chapter 25. Kasparov – Svidler 2004
Chapter 26. Navara – Caruana 2016
Chapter 27. Praggnanandhaa – Sindarov 2022
Chapter 28. Sindarov- Ter-Sahakyan 2022

About the Author

GM Sipke Ernst [FIDE 2606]

is an international grandmaster, and a professional chess coach. He was born in 1979, learned chess at the age of 9 at school, and has been hooked on the game ever since. GM Sipke Ernst holds an MA degree in Dutch Language and Culture.