Positional Mastery of Magnus Carlsen with GM Davorin Kuljasevic

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Positional Mastery of Magnus Carlsen with GM Davorin Kuljasevic
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Davorin Kuljasevic has done a brilliant job of making some of the deepest positional and strategic ideas understandable by any ambitious player.

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Positional Mastery of Magnus Carlsen

Ever played a stronger player and found that, even though you make no tactical mistakes, you keep finding yourself with no good moves?

These guys are racking up points – at your expense – thanks to their deeper understanding of the positional play.

But now you’re going to turn the tables by learning the positional secrets of Magnus Carlsen!

Supercoach GM Darvin Kuljasevic has put together an extraordinary 8-hour training that explains – in detail – how Carlsen dominates the world’s elite using just 9 POSITIONAL TECHNIQUES.

Learn these and you will slice through even your toughest opponents like a hot knife through butter.

Exactly What You’re Getting

This is not the best game collection. Nor is it a rehash of the usual positional ideas you’ve heard a million times before.

GM Kuljasevic has spent years studying Carlsen’s games, working out how the highest-rated player of all-time manages to consistently get great positions and convert them to wins – even against 2800 players.

It’s Magnus’ complete mastery of these 9 ideas that allows him to dominate in blitz and rapid play too – he knows exactly what to do with minimum calculation.

What does the course cover?

  • The unstoppable zugzwang – Chess is easy when your opponent has no good moves! Kuljasevic reveals the specific moves Carlsen uses to reduce his rival’s piece activity until their position crumbles like a cookie.
  • Free-flowing attacks – GM Kuljasevic explains Magnus’ blueprint for building free-flowing attacks by accepting one weakness in return for a more significant one. See how Carlsen used this idea to crush Nakamura with light-square domination: 29.Be6! Rxg5 30.Qxg5 fxe5 31.dxe6 and the beautiful f7# to follow.
  • The most valuable points – The hardest points to win are against ultra-solid players… especially if you have Black. To win these games, Carlsen uses a very similar strategy to that used by Fischer. GM Kuljasevic reveals how you can apply this powerful 3-step plan in chapter 4.

Davorin Kuljasevic has done a brilliant job of making some of the deepest positional and strategic ideas understandable by any ambitious player.

Study this course and you will always know what you need to do to improve your position, weaken your rival’s, create an attack and, ultimately, breakthrough to victory.


  • INTRO Introduction to Positional Mastery
  • CHAPTER 1 Suffocating Opponent Games in which Carlsen takes away all active play from his opponent. This is probably the worst-case scenario against such a well-rounded and strong player because he is extremely methodical in converting even the smallest of advantages.
  • CHAPTER 2 Steamroller Games in which Carlsen slowly improves his position to the point where his opponent is positionally outplayed without even being aware of where he went wrong.
  • CHAPTER 3 Taking youngsters to ‘positional school’ Carlsen’s games against the strongest players of the younger generation (born in late 1990-ies) in which he proves his positional superiority over them.
  • CHAPTER 4 Solid Opponents Anyone has tried to beat a very solid player with black pieces in a tournament game, knows that this is one of the most difficult tasks.
  • CHAPTER 5 Symmetrical Positions This is one of Carlsen’s greatest strengths. He is very crafty when it comes to keeping the tension and finding maneuvers and small positional plots to provoke weaknesses in an opponent’s position.
  • CHAPTER 6 Central Control Carlsen loves the pawn center. Sometimes all he needs is a well-defended pair of pawns in the center and then he proceeds to outmaneuver his strong opponents in a static positional fight.
  • CHAPTER 8 Pawn Structure II He rarely compromises his own pawn structure, unless it will bring him some very concrete advantages of another sort. Meanwhile, he is very alert to the ways that he can compromise his opponent’s pawn structure and build his long-term strategy around that.
  • CHAPTER 9 Pawn Sacrifice This is a well-known positional device. Carlsen is very creative when it comes to positional pawn sacrifices, able to surprise his world-class opponents with sacrifices that rely on deep positional concepts.v
  • CHAPTER 10 Complex Middlegame I Games that feature many positional themes and in which Carlsen shows the full extent of his positional talent.
  • CHAPTER 11 Complex Middlegame II Carlsen displays the highest level of positional skill by outplaying his rivals in positionally complex middlegames.