Power Chess Package (All 7 Video Courses + Practicum)

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Power Chess Package (All 7 Video Courses + Practicum)
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These 7 chess courses are well suitable for all chess players under 2200 elo, who want to improve all major elements of chess: calculation, positional understanding, endgames, evaluation of positions, attacking chess, etc. The course includes over 23 hours of premium chess content by prominent Grandmasters such as GM Misa Pap, GM Alex Ipatov, GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko, GM Sipke Ernst, GM Victor Mikhalevski and GM Daniel Gormally.

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Power Chess Package

The Bundle Includes The Following Courses:

Grandmaster Level Calculation with GM Daniel Gormally

“Calculation is really the bread and butter of being an elite chess player. Without the ability to out-calculate your opponents it is nearly impossible to get consistent results.”

Dominating Open Positions with GM Victor Mikhalevski

“Open positions are one of the most common types of chess. By learning how to play the open positions correctly you will take your game on the whole new level.”

Winning with Positional Sacrifice by GM Victor Mikhalevski

“Some of the greatest chess minds in the history of the game employed the positional sacrifice as the weapon of choice to win tournaments, matches, and even World Championship titles.”

The Art Of Attacking Chess with GM Sipke Ernst

“Attacking chess is something that truly separates the greatest minds of all time from the rest: Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and now Magnus Carlsen…”

Grandmaster Level Positional Understanding with GM Mikhaylo Oleksienko

“What is the main difference between a Grandmaster and an amateur? It is the understanding of positions on a very fundamental level, or what’s called the positional understanding.”

Dominate Rook Endgames with GM Alex Ipatov

“Rook endgames are the most common and probably one of the most complex of all endings. No wonder 90% of chess players have trouble with them. This course will make rook endgames one of your strongest sides!”

Grandmaster Level Evaluation of Positions with GM Misa Pap

“The trick is not to calculate the moves but to correctly and precisely evaluate the position that arises. This is true art. The more precisely you can evaluate the position the stronger chess player you are.”