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Roman's Lab Mega Bundle
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Roman’s training courses cover the entire spectrum of modern chess theory - from openings to tactical play, strategic mastery, endgames and much more. You get every single lesson Roman used to coach pupils like Gata Kamsky to 2700 Elo!

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Roman’s Lab Mega Bundle

Are you ready to get focused, set some goals and have perhaps the greatest coach in the world train you to mastery?

Due to his encyclopedic chess knowledge, 30 years of coaching experience and numerous grandmaster pupils, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili gets $100 for a single hour of chess coaching.

Undoubtedly worth it, but there’s something even better!

We’ve managed to get hold of GM Roman’s entire life’s work, an amazing 186 hours of elite chess training material…

  • This chess collection by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili represents an invaluable guide to learning chess openings, based upon deep understanding rather than shallow memorization
  • The Roman’s Lab Series also provides instruction on more general concepts including middle-game strategy, long-term positional understanding, tactical awareness, and endgame mastery
  • Viewers are guaranteed to improve their chess ability with the diverse expertise and high-quality production of the Roman’s Lab
  • This series is guaranteed to help the viewer improve by focusing on a variety of topics including deep opening preparation, forcing attacking sequences, dominating chess tactics, deep positional maneuvering, and reinforcing endgame principles
  • If you’re ready to join the ranks of Dzindzi’s illustrious students; to shake off your weaknesses, add positional armor and become razor-sharp tactically – this training pack will take care of it for you!

We will focus on one area at a time, mastering it before moving on.

What’s Included?

Roman’s Lab – Entire Collection [Vol. 1-117]

Roman’s Lab contains 117 lessons and more than 186 hours of chess coaching covering EVERYTHING chess and, designed to take students anywhere from 1000 to 2000+ rating points.

Guaranteed improvement

The course is guaranteed to help the viewer improve by focusing on a variety of topics including deep opening preparation, forcing attacking sequences, dominating chess tactics, deep positional maneuvering, and reinforcing endgame principles.

Fully Downloadable

You download and keep all the materials for a lifetime

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 117 Encyclopedia of Chess opening Part 6
  • Roman lab Vol. 116 Encyclopedia of Chess opening Part 5
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 115 The Art of Winning with the Isolated Pawn in The Panov Attack
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 114 Strategy Behind Pawn Breakthroughs in the Opening, Middle & Endgame
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 113 Latest in the King’s Indian Defence New Ideas, Missed Opportunities, & Novelties
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 112 Significant Changes in some Critical Positions in the Nimzo-Indian Defence
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 111 Highly Instructional Games In the Queens Gambit Declined
  • 7 Part Strategy Series 106,7,8,9,10,14,15*
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 110 Strategy Behind Positional Sacrifices for Strategic Gains Part 5
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 109 Strategy Behind Playing With Strong Outposts Easily Explained Part 4
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 108 Strategy Behind Learning Tactics Easily Explained (92 Minutes) Part 3
  • Roman’s Lab Vol: 107 Strategy of How to Get a Winning Advantage with Bad Pawns Part 2
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 106: Strategy Behind Playing Pawn Blockaded Positions Right out of the Opening! Part 1
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 105: Remarkable Rejuvenation in Scandinavian Defence
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 104: Amazing Tactical Possibilities in The Najdorf
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 103: Winning with new attacking lines against popular openings
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 102 – Killing The Sicilian With The Grand Prix Attack
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 101 – The King’s Indian Defense
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 100 – Chess Pot Pourri
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 99 – Universal Way Against the Slav Systems
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 98 – c3 Sicilian Alapin Variation
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 97 – New Systems in Caro-Kann for White & Black
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 96 – Dismantle the Petroff Defence at the Highest Level
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 95 – Scandinavian Nf6 and Qxd5 Centre Counter Player
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 94 – Dynamic Reti Player
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 92 – Staggering Novelties that Rewrite Modern Opening Pages
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 91 – Practical Killer Traps and Super Sharp Lines for the 1.e4 Player
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 90 – New Revelations for B&W in The Burn-Morozevich Variation of French Defence (70min)
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 89 – Highly Instructive & Educational Games for Black to Play Against Maroczy Bind
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 88 – Highly Instructive & Educational Games for Accelerated Dragon Player (60mins)
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 87 – Highly Instructive and Educational Games for The Scotch Player (60mins)
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 86 – Highly Instructive and Educational Games for the Grand Prix Player (66mins)
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 85 – Understanding the Concept of Middlegame based on Opening Strategy 122
  • Roman’s Lab Vol 84 – Rybka’s Quest for Replacing The Ruy Lopez (100mins)

And many more!

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Roman Dzindzichashvili is a former U.S. and Russian Chess Champion, and Coach of World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. He is a well-known theoretician and a chess coach. Among his students are 3-time US Chess Champion, GM Gata Kamsky, and GM Eugene Perelshteyn. Roman is also the author and star of multiple chess instructional DVDs entitled “Roman’s Lab”.