Tactics and Sacrifice Domination Bundle

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Tactics and Sacrifice Domination Bundle
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"Fact is, under the 2000 level, tactics do decide nearly all games. Can you remember a fantastic combination you played to win a game? It’s one of the best feelings in chess! Perhaps you remember a time when you lost due to a miscalculation? It’d be nice to forget."

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Tactics and Sacrifice Domination Bundle

Becoming a Grandmaster takes several years of constant training and re-evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses to adjust your strategy to achieve consistently better results. However, in my new Empire Chess Tactics and Sacrifices Domination Bundle, I am going to share a secret with you that helped me raise my rating by 350 points. It didn’t happen overnight, I had to work very hard and perform well in high-pressure situations to achieve all 3 GM norms.

But there was one thing that really helped me achieve rapid improvement: I devoted a LOT of study time for tactics and sacrifices.

So if you are serious about getting better at chess, you need to take a look at how strong you are tactical. How acute is your combinational vision? If you want to find out, you need to get this new cutting edge course that combines different perspectives on tactics and sacrifices with several Grandmasters sharing their unique approaches to extremely rapid improvement in these two critical areas!

What You Will Learn:

  • See more moves ahead, with greater clarity
  • Find winning lines rapidly with GM thinking techniques
  • Bring more force to your attacks by smashing open lines
  • Pick from your “mental database” of decisive combinations and tactical patterns
  • Heighten your awareness and eliminate blunders
  • Enjoy your chess more and have more memorable wins you can be proud of

Included Products:

Volume 23: Chess Tactics of Grandmasters by GM Damian Lemos

This chess DVD will teach you the basics of tactics and how to start winning more games immediately. Intended for the beginner and intermediate audience, GM Damian Lemos produced ¨Chess Tactics of the Grandmasters¨ to explain to less experienced players that you must constantly be attentive to the tactical demands of any position. This comprehensive chess DVD will teach you how to apply this fundamental principle in your games to stun your opponents and never leave yourself undefended!

Volume 31: Attacking with Forcing Moves – by GM Timur Gareev

Understanding the many types of sacrifices, and what types of positions are good to sacrifice from, is critical if you want to improve your game. In this chess DVD, Grandmasters Timur Gareev (2680 FIDE) and Ronen Har-Zvi (2515 FIDE) explain particularly impressive sacrifices by leading GMs Judit Polgar, Emil Sutovsky, Hikaru Nakamura, Dragoljub Velimirović, and Artur Yusupov.

Volume 32: Mastering The Positional Sacrifice with GM Ipatov

This is a comprehensive chess DVD that is guaranteed to better your understanding of one of the most effective weapons in chess. This chess DVD is presented by Grandmaster Alex Ipatov, a highly qualified 2590 FIDE chess instructor who does a fantastic job of sharing his deep knowledge of an extremely complicated and difficult concept – the positional sacrifice.

Volume 37: Explosive Middlegame Tactics – by GM Rafael Leitao

In this 3-hour chess DVD by experienced Grandmaster Rafael Leitão, viewers will learn how elite players view chess tactics in the middlegame. Even if you are more of a positional player, in many games you will still have to employ forcing moves with direct tactical repercussions to achieve long-term, comprehensive positional gain.

Volume 60: Tactical Chess Guide – by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD looks at ‘Tactics’ and how a Grandmaster thinks in tactical situations. Searching for surprising moves, opening lines to the King, King Hunt, In-Between moves, Removal of Key Defenders and many more tactics.

Volume 49: Advanced Chess Tactics – GM Leonid Kritz

This chess video focuses on chess tactics for the advanced player, however, beginner and intermediate players will also see a good deal of value in this chess DVD because Grandmaster Kritz explains various problems in a conceptual manner.

Meet the authors:

GM Damian Lemos (FIDE 2559)

Damian Lemos was no stranger to success at an early age, achieving the FIDE Master title at 14 years old, International Master at 15, and Grandmaster at 18. In his courses, Damien works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected. By developing specifically-tailored training regimens, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches can only dream of.

GM Alexander Ipatov (FIDE 2612)

is an International Chess Grandmaster, member of the Turkish National Team. The World Junior Chess Champion and Vice-Champion in 2012 and 2013. The winner and medalist of various international events in Spain, France, USA, South African Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Bulgaria.

GM Timur Gareev (FIDE 2682)

is an American chess grandmaster. He was born in Tashkent to Tatar parents. Gareyev was a part of the University of Texas at Brownsville’s chess team from August 2005 to August 2006 and from August 2009 to December 2011 where he helped the university obtain its first national championship along with other collegiate honors.