The Attack - Champions Guide: Free Mini-Course

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The Attack - Champions Guide: Free Mini-Course
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What would you choose…

Two Tempi or a Pawn?

If you play White it means you are getting 3 extra moves! All the possibilities to start a powerful attack. It’s an amazing deal, clearly worth a pawn.

If you Play Black though, you only going to be a move ahead. Is that enough to start an attack? Usually not.

This is a peek into the mind of a titled player when they’re setting up an attack.

FM Charles Storey, England’s former U16 Olympic Team Coach has a lot of experience helping skilled players become fierce attackers.

In this brand-new course, FM Storey compiled some of the most effective shortcuts that will make you an excellent attacker.

Those are the things like color-coding of pieces, pizza-pawn scale, and aggressive posturing just to name a shortcuts.

Master those techniques and you’re on your way to success.

This mini-course is based on The Attack: Champions Guide with FM Charles Storey where FM Storey finally agreed to share the attacking system he’s been teaching for over a decade.

About the author:

FM Charles Storey [2292 FIDE]

is a renowned Chess Master, excelling in the realm of competitive chess as both a player and a coach. With a long list of accomplishments to his name, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the global chess community. As the former England Team Chess Coach, Charlie Storey has demonstrated his expertise and dedication to the sport. He is known for his strategic prowess and innovative approaches, with a particular focus on The Sniper Chess Opening, a groundbreaking strategy that has earned widespread acclaim within the chess world including acquiring his second IM Norm at a recent British Chess Championship.