The Best Attacking Techniques at Chess

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The Best Attacking Techniques at Chess
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The great news is that you can learn how to attack effectively and easily! This is precisely why GM Sergey Kasparov and Angelo Kesaris decided to create this course, The Best Attacking Techniques in Chess. Inside this course, you will discover a comprehensive toolkit of techniques and strategies.

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Have you ever wondered…

Where your chess level will be… a month from now? 3 months from now? A year from now?

Are you going to be rated about the same?

Or you’ll gain at least 300 points?

Will you be struggling against the same type of opponents?

Or you’ll move up and quickly checkmate those rated over 2000?

I can’t predict the future but I know one thing for certain…

Improve your attacking skills, and you’ll become a MUCH stronger chess player.

Angelo Kesaris teamed up with GM Sergey Kasparov to present you with a comprehensive toolkit of attacking techniques and strategies that work wonders at the club level and beyond!

Here is what’s inside:

  • Discover powerful attacking strategies used by top chess players
  • Learn how to unleash devastating attacks on your opponents’ positions
  • Master the art of sacrificing pieces for a decisive attack
  • Uncover hidden tactical opportunities to deliver checkmate
  • Enhance your calculation skills to accurately assess attacking possibilities
  • Gain confidence in launching aggressive attacks against any opponent
  • Learn to exploit weaknesses in your opponent’s defense with precision
  • Unlock the secrets behind successful attacking plans and maneuvers


Chapter 01 – Thinking System
Lesson 01 – How to Create – Improve Your Thinking System
Lesson 02 – Create an Attack
Lesson 03 – Initiative

Chapter 02 – Attack 0-0
Lesson 04 – Attack-h7
Lesson 05 – Attack-g7
Lesson 06 – Attack-f7
Lesson 07 – Attack the 0-0 – Mixed Ideas
Lesson 08 – Pawnstorm With h
Lesson 09 – Pawnstorm With g
Lesson 10 – Pawnstorm With f
Lesson 11 – Pin-g7
Lesson 12 – The g3 Square
Lesson 13 – Rook Lift and h-file
Lesson 14 – The Doubled f-pawns
Lesson 15 – Greek Gift
Lesson 16 – 2 Bishops Sacrifice

Chapter 03 – Attack Fianchetto
Lesson 17 – Fianchetto Intro
Lesson 18 – Fantastic Defensive Ideas
Lesson 19 – Queen and Knight Combination
Lesson 20 – Bishop Absent
Lesson 21 – Fantastic Attacks
Lesson 22 – Sacrifices on Fianchetto

Chapter 04 – Attack 0-0-0
Lesson 23 – Boden’s Checkmate
Lesson 24 – The c2 Target
Lesson 25 – The b2 Target
Lesson 26 – Pawn Storm
Lesson 27 – Fantastic Sacrifices

Chapter 05 – Opposite Castling
Lesson 28 – Complicate The Position
Lesson 29 – Open Lines
Lesson 30 – Advance The Pawns
Lesson 31 – How To Defend
Lesson 32 – Sacrifices
Lesson 33 – KID – Beautiful Attack

Chapter 06 – Advanced Attacking Techniques
Lesson 34 – Attack With Opposite Colored Bishops
Lesson 35 – Final Killing Blow
Lesson 36 – Immortal Game

Additional Info:

  • 6.2 hours of Video
  • 76 Theoretical Examples
  • 50 Exercises

About the Authors:

GM Sergey Kasparov [FIDE 2546]

Grandmaster from Belarus, ELO 2465. More than 15 years of coaching experience with players of all levels from beginners to professionals, all over the world, both in person and Online, with children and adults. Languages: Russian, English. Author of 8 chess books and numerous articles in Chessbase, NIC, etc.

Angelo Kesaris [FIDE 1928]

is a professional chess coach and FIDE National Instructor with 20 years of experience. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, and online teaching. Kesaris quickly made a name for himself by publishing practical strategies that new players can use to improve their chess.