The London System - Lemos Deep Dive

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The London System - Lemos Deep Dive
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If you’re ready to completely master all the ideas in this “shortcut” system, we’d like to offer you 50% off GM Lemos’ brand new, 9-hour London System repertoire training course!

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The London System

Leap the rewards that come with having a powerful, flexible opening system you can play against nearly anything Black responds with: the London System.

In this 9 hour Deep Dive course, GM Damian Lemos reveals everything you need to know to gain space, control the game and start your devastating attack. Black only has a few sensible ways to respond to this system and Damian gives you clear strategies for beating all of them!

This is the perfect opening for players who prefer to understand ideas rather than memorize endless variations. GM Lemos explains the logic behind everything White is trying to achieve and illustrates each plan with superb, memorable games by players like Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, and Alexander Grischuk.

If you want an opening system to call your own, one which you can force your opponents into and then outplay them with your expertise, master the London System with GM Lemos’ Deep Dive course!

By studying GM Lemos’ cutting-edge system:

  • You’ll learn his “caveman” technique for using the bishop pair to create terrifying attacks on the kingside (looks crude, but GRANDMASTERS have lost to this “blitzkrieg” attack!
  • GM Lemos will also show you how to play the system in a calm and positional manner with absolutely no risk (perfect for slowly outplaying mega-tactical kids and other less experienced opponents)
  • You’ll discover the tactical method that British GM Tony Miles used to embarrass a GM colleague in just 19 moves (GM Lemos give you a whole bag of tactical ideas to keep ready for unsuspecting opponents and GM Miles’ ingenious idea is only one of them!)
  • You get fantastic extras including PGNs, puzzles and the course summary for quick revision and to play sparring games in your new system.
  • Plus tons more in 9 hours of superb GM video lessons!

You’ll Learn:

  • You’ll learn 5 amazingly simple London setups that guarantee an easy edge for white (no matter how black response!)
  • You’ll discover the “secret” reason why Magnus Carlsen stopped studying white openings and what he does instead (get ready for a shock!)
  • You’ll dominate with Chinese GM Ni Hua’s method for total queenside domination (while safely behind your stone-wall, risking nothing!)
  • You’ll learn to handle the bishop pair like a samurai handles his swords! (In 80% of London scenarios, you get 2 bishops and a strong attack – amazing, right?! “Sensei” Lemos teaches you how to wield your “swords” furiously for crushing victories!)

GM Damian Lemos (FIDE 2559)

Damian Lemos was no stranger to success at an early age, achieving the FIDE Master title at 14 years old, International Master at 15, and Grandmaster at 18. In his courses, Damien works closely with students to first identify the flaws and weaknesses in their games so that they can be properly evaluated and corrected. By developing specifically tailored training regimens, Grandmaster Lemos is able to achieve results that other chess coaches can only dream of.