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Road to 2200 is an advanced, all-in-one 10-week Training Program that seamlessly hits on all 5 Most Important Points to improve at chess. Become the chess player you've always meant to be!

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Still struggling to improve at chess?


The Big Problem that is holding most people back TODAY… is they are still using old-school methods like:

  • Learning complex openings
  • Solving truckloads of random tactics
  • Memorizing endgames

And hoping to improve at chess.

These methods require hours and hours of Your time.

Just to MAYBE See a Tiny Improvement.

Maybe they have worked in the past, but now they are all but dead.

And the Reason is…

Most players simply don’t have 6-hours a day, 7 days a week to experiment with chess… to achieve the results they desire.

The good news is:

This training program only requires a tiny fraction of the time.

And seamlessly hits on All 5 Most Important Points you need to Improve at Chess.

That’s why these exact methods produce results like these…

elo boost1

While a typical player using other methods improves on average under 100 points a year.

If we haven’t met yet… Hi, my name is David Fitzsimons. I’m an International Master, Head Coach & and Creator of the Road to 2200 Program.

I personally worked with over 2000 students.

And I get to see what’s working when it comes to improving at chess, every single day.

That’s how I came up with the Road to 2200 Program.

I Studied hundreds of our Top Students (btw some of which are already Titled Players).

And came up with the 5 Key Elements to Improve at Chess.

Next, I boiled it all down into an all-in-one training.

That’s what became the Road to 2200 Program.

And because we are not all Professional Players or Chess Coaches, we need a Tested-and-Proven System to follow.

We need a way to just follow the training and get the results.

  • That does not require us to come up with everything from scratch…
  • That can be used by club players and tournament players at any age…
  • That only takes a couple of hours per week…

And when I was done, I held a Training for Some of our Top Students.

The results that everyone got over the next couple of months… were so overwhelming that I instantly wanted to make this training available to everyone including you!

We spent the last 6 Months perfecting it and making it easier to digest.

So, that anyone can replicate this success in just 10 weeks!

  • Without spendings hours a day on chess and seeing no progress at all
  • Without wasting thousands of dollars on various chess products and gurus
  • Without having insane chess genetics or off-the-charts IQ
  • Without studying the entire library and watching thousands of chess videos
  • And even without… spending years of your time on trial-and-error!

Today, I’m happy to introduce the ROAD to 2200 Program.

Here’s How The Program Works. Each Week, You Will:

1. Take the 3 Classes Covering one of the Key Elements of Chess
2. Complete The Training Tasks
3. Review the Key Concepts

You will train for ~60 minutes per day, 3 times per week for 10 weeks.

But, I have to warn you… This is an Advanced Training.

And it is only suitable for Ambitious Players that are ready to Put in Work and get MASSIVE Results.

  • Imagine being able to add 200 or 300 Elo to your game in just 10-weeks… And then continue racking up points at a crazy pace
  • Imagine that long-awaited jump to the next rating bracket (or even skipping one)
  • Imagine your opponents that used to be 300-400 Elo higher rated desperately trying to fight for a draw
  • Imagine finally being able to “see” and “feel” the results of your training
  • Imagine how it feels to win tournaments and collect trophies
  • Imagine how it feels to just be proud of the game you played

If you’re ready to start and take your game to the next level… this is your chance!

Here is what you’ll learn:

Week 1: Attacking the King in the Center

Attacking chess is a cornerstone of success.

No surprise, all the greatest players in history Kasparov, Tal, Fischer… were also great attackers.

If you want to win games and increase your overall chess level, a deep understanding of attacking chess is a must.

And if you want to master this invaluable skill, you are in the right place!

IM David Fitzsimons will give you the Master’s approach to attacking chess.

Week 2: Castled King

Castling happens in over 90% of chess games.

Needless to say, it is a VERY popular move.

Oddly enough, most players don’t pay too much attention to it (knowing how to move the King two squares toward the Rook and passing the Rook over… won’t cut it).

Just learn how to attack the Castled King and you’ll have a plan in 9/10 games you play!

IM Fitzsimons reveals all the important plans and aspects when it comes to attacking the castled king.

Week 3: Opposite Side Castling (OSC)

Opposite Side Casting is an under-the-radar topic that many aspiring players ignore.

That makes a great opportunity for you to master it and score some hefty wins!

IM Fitzsimons shares his full blueprint for playing & attacking in OSC positions, no matter what your opponent does!

Opposite Side Casting is an under-the-radar topic that many aspiring players ignore.

That makes a great opportunity for you to master it and score some hefty wins!

IM Fitzsimons shares his full blueprint for playing & attacking in OSC positions, no matter what your opponent does!

Week 4: Isolated Queen’s Pawn (IQP)

Want to master the Middlegame?

Simple. Learn to play the isolani!

Isolated Queens Pawn is the most important positional element to understand.

And that’s not only because it arises from many different openings… but also because it offers rich attacking potential for both sides!

IM Fitzsimons gives you a complete masterclass on playing with or against the IQP.

Week 5: Isolated Pawn Couple (IPC) + Hanging Pawns

Have you ever noticed how IMs and GMs can almost instantly come up with a game-winning plan?

It feels so effortless and natural, that we start thinking… ‘I wish I could do that too!’

The secret is simple.

They ‘read’ the pawn structures. They have a ‘library’ of plans in their mind associated with each structure and can quickly access it.

IM Fitzsimons will ‘re-wire’ your brain and upload a library of plans associated with IPC and the Hanging Pawns Structure!

Week 6: Backward Pawn + Doubled Pawns

There is a simple 3-step algorithm when it comes to winning the middlegame…

1. Find a weakness

2. Reposition your pieces

3. Put tons of pressure

And the quickest way to find the weaknesses in your opponent’s camp… is to know what to look for!

IM Fitzsimons gives a complete breakdown of weak pawns, as well as shares his exact plans of action for each type of weakness.

Week 7: The Minority Attack + Doubled Pawns

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have no idea what to play next?

If you are rated under 2200, the answer is solid ‘YES’.

The Minority Attack is a great way to construct a positionally sound setup for yourself, simultaneously creating weaknesses in your opponent’s position.

IM Fitzsimons will unlock your positional talent so that when opportunities begin to appear in front of you… you won’t miss the chance!

Week 8: Queenside Pawn Majority (QPM) + Complex Pawn Endings

Queenside Pawn Majority is one of the most misunderstood concepts in chess.

Some players say it’s ‘preferable’. Some call QPM ‘dangerous’ and tend to stay away.

All I can say is… some top GMs made a career out of it.

Want to learn how?

IM Fitzsimons designed a complete roadmap for you, showing when and how to play QPM positions. This will turn in into a ‘magnet’ attracting all the favorable positions and repelling the bad ones.

Week 9: Complex Pawn Endings + Minor Piece Endings

Some players think that pawns are the soul of chess.

I disagree. Because pawn endings are.

“They decide the fate of the game.”

In short, if you’re after the biggest shortcut for taking your game to next level and racking up Elo points… this is it.

Study practical endings.

IM Fitzsimons will make you untouchable in the endgame. Instead of hoping that you will ‘magically’ play your best chess, you will have a commanding confidence over the board.

And this alone will translate into a serious boost, not only in your endgame performance but also in all other parts of the game.

Week 10: Minor Piece Endings + Complex Major Piece Endings

Want to become a real endgame general?

Master the minor piece endgames.

Everything here comes to the fundamental understanding of the knight and bishop.

This is a tough one, but the reward is enormous. Nothing shows a level of a chess player better than their ability to play minor piece endgames.

In other words… overall chess level is proportional to the understanding of the endings.

IM Fitzsimons gives you a complete system for cracking those endgames and playing it nearly on autopilot. Learn it once, and it’ll serve you forever!

Here is What Will Happen in Your Chess 10 Weeks From Today:

  • You effortlessly find the best moves in complex positions mesmerizing everyone around you – the skill that was previously reserved for most elite players
  • You have a razor-sharp calculation and ultra-precise decision-making that leaves your opponents in the dust – ‘used-to-be’ higher-rated players are desperately trying to fight for a draw
  • You have the ability to read the positions and come up with a clever plan, stopping your opponent’s ideas dead in their tracks
  • You have a mind of steel and the rare ability to concentrate and stay focused under extreme pressure – even against top competition, in the most important games you perform at your absolute best
  • You have unshakable performance and consistent results – you are 100% confident in your chess ability and your play is rock-solid, which shows in your game and rating charts
  • You have a super-human ability to stay laser-focused throughout the game – playing full of energy, avoiding blunders, and steering clear of time trouble
  • You stop worrying about ratings and the outcome of your game and finally just start enjoying chess – which instantly takes your game to a new dimension… worry-free, confident and successful!
  • …And, most importantly: You save time, avoid tons of disappointment, and follow the proven formula, finally… unleashing the chess player you’ve always meant to be!

About the author:

IM David Fitzsimons [2416 FIDE]

is an International Master from Ireland. He achieved this title in 2018 having reached a peak rating of 2416 in 2015, and scoring his three IM norms in consecutive seasons of the Four Nations Chess League (4NCL) from 2016 – 2018. He became the first and only Irish player to win an international open event, the inaugural Summer Prague Open in 2014, and has won numerous tournaments and national and regional titles in classical chess, rapid, and blitz. He has played for Ireland in two Olympiads (2010 and 2018) and has been selected to represent Ireland again at the upcoming Moscow Olympiad.