The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo

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The Paco Vallejo Method – GM Paco Vallejo
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In this superb 9 hour course, GM Francisco ‘Paco’ Vallejo Pons reveals the most instructive moments from his games, focusing on the practical decisions that won or lost the game.
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Why this course was created?

Winning at chess takes a lot more than just tactical sharpness and theoretical knowledge. As well as the pieces on the board, a champion takes into account his emotions, those of his opponent, the clock and the art of practical decision-making.

Should you complicate or play solidly? Play fast or slow? These decisions often prove to be just as important as any brilliant combination that’s found or missed.

In this superb 9 hour course, GM Francisco ‘Paco’ Vallejo Pons reveals the most instructive moments from his games, focusing on the practical decisions that won or lost the game.

Paco is one of the world’s top players with a rating over 2700, is a former World Youth Champion and defeated Veselin Topalov in their 2012 match. In The Paco Vallejo Method, he presents his golden rules of practical chess success, tips that will help any player get the most from their ability.

On top of valuable advice on how to avoid time trouble, eliminate blunders and recognize the critical, game-winning moments, Paco gives superb grandmaster insights into popular openings, strategic decisions, and techniques to convert an endgame advantage.

This combination of instructive chess content and self-management – a topic rarely discussed elsewhere – make The Paco Vallejo Method the essential improvement course for anyone who competes, whether for their club or in tournaments.

As well as 9 hours of fantastic video coaching from one of the strongest players in the world, you get practical tests to reinforce the ideas and make them part of your natural play plus a detailed course summary picking out the most important ideas from each chapter for quick reference.

What’s Inside?

  • The devastating bishop sacrifice that was all home preparation (you also discover Paco’s secrets for preparing killer opening lines in your own games!)
  • How to explode your initiative and calmly build an attack, after sacrificing two pawns! (plus, a lightning-fast method for selecting the best-attacking candidate move in any position).
  • The “weird” thinking error that caused Paco to blunder all of his pieces against an opponent rated 200 ELO points lower (this weakness almost certainly costs you points too!)
  • The critical moments when you shouldn’t listen to the computer (discover how to easily choose “smart” positions where you’ll play well and you’re comfortable, rather than simply what the engine likes)
  • And much more…


  • LESSON 1 Rescuing a bad opening: Vallejo Pons-Leko
  • LESSON 2 Instructive mistakes: Vallejo Pons-Bacrot
  • LESSON 3 Taking on an expert in their favorite line: Vallejo Pons-Svidler
  • LESSON 4 Facing unexpected moves: Aronian-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 5 Imposing your style: Anand-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 6 Understanding the position: Vallejo Pons-Gashimov
  • LESSON 7 Winning preparation: Vallejo Pons-Sadorra
  • LESSON 8 Analysis paralysis: Vallejo Pons-Topalov
  • LESSON 9 Recognizing critical moments: Vallejo Pons-Laznicka
  • LESSON 10 Managing your time and energy: Khismatullin-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 11 Recovering from a bad loss: Moskalenko-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 12 In the zone: Vallejo Pons-Predojevic
  • LESSON 13 Under pressure: Vallejo Pons-Inarkiev
  • LESSON 14 Making better decisions: Jumabayev-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 15 Playing with the initiative: Vallejo Pons-Areshchenko
  • LESSON 16 Double-edged positions: Wojtaszek-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 17 Awareness of your time management: Vallejo Pons-Jobava
  • LESSON 18 Finding your opponent’s ideas: Caruana-Vallejo Pons
  • LESSON 19 One mistake leads to another: Ivanisevic-Vallejo Pons

You’ll Discover:

  • The devastating Rf5!! sacrifice that both GMs Caruana and Vallejo missed (adopt Paco’s updated thinking methods and you’ll soon begin to spot these powerful “bolts from the blue” in your own games!)
  • GM Inarkiev’s attacking masterpiece that left Vallejo smiling in awe as he resigned (GM Vallejo tears the game apart, giving you a masterclass in dynamic attacking play and a blueprint you can immediately model for yourself!)
  • 2 serious (yet remarkably common!) mistakes in the opening that made Vallejo lose to Vishy Anand without even a fight (If you’re under 2000 ELO, you’re definitely doing this too!
  • How to spot the “critical moment” in your games so that you’ll never miss your chance again! (neglecting this simple method for positional assessment, meant the difference between an easy win and an embarrassing loss…against Topalov!)

About the Author:

GM Francisco Vallejo (2724 FIDE)

Francisco Vallejo is a chess Grandmaster from Spain. He achieved the grandmaster title at the age of 16 years and 9 months. He won the under-18 World Chess Youth Championship in 2000. He won Leon after defeating Veselin Topalov 3½-2½.