Think, Plan and Win – GM Smirnov


“This course provides practical instructions and recommendation for 1600-2000 rated players on how to think, plan and win chess games.


“It is amazing ! The way to show the ideas behind the moves , the way to explain the concepts everyone should know , the selection of the examples , the summaries with the important ideas … Excellent job ! Thank you very much Mr. Smirnov.“ – Juan Pedro Cordón Gutiérrez

Imagine you have come to a shop to purchase a mobile phone. The shopkeeper gives you a phone with 10 books on how it works and how to use it.

The same process is followed in chess learning. There’s a huge difference between knowledge and skill. For example, you can read thousands of books about martial arts, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll become a great fighter. Apart from information, you need to train and acquire necessary practical skills. This is true just as much for chess.

That is why, in these seminars, GM Smirnov provides you with a very small user’s manual that has several items you can follow, one by one, to understand chess clearly.

What will you get?

  • The correct thinking method that should be used during games, which will allow you to find the best moves in any position
  • A concrete guide on what and how exactly you should study to become a strong player
  • You will know how to use all the knowledge which you already have to finally get concrete results
  • An account of experiences and practical recommendations from a lot of successful players (Grandmasters)
  • Not only the chess recommendations but also the secrets of the professional players (Grandmasters) about how to prepare for tournaments, how to prepare for the game and so on…
  • You will know how to learn chess effectively
  • You will stop making blunders
  • You will be able to calculate variations quickly and precisely
  • You will know how to create an opening repertoire properly
  • You will save years of effort and get fast progress
  • You will fully understand the psychological factors necessary for success in chess
  • You will avoid the typical mistakes in chess development, which nearly all chess players make
  • And many other things…

The Right Thinking
+ How to warm-up before starting a game? Yes, you have read it right. Just like physical exercise, you need to warm up before starting your game.
+ How to plan your time? It is common to see players waste most of their time in the early stages like the opening, only to end up in time trouble for the rest of the game. Here we learn an overall approach on how to plan your time for the whole game.
The Right Thinking – Continued
+ Why it is not good to think about only your own position?
+ What to think about after your opponent makes a move?
+ How to play more quickly?
+ Which moves are worth calculation and which aren’t?
+ How to make sure that your move is safe?
+ Anti-blunder check
Discover right way of thinking in Chess
+ What should you do when your opponent is thinking?
+ What kind of generalities should you consider while your opponent is thinking?
+ What are good and bad pieces?
+ How to secure your position?
GM Smirnov also provides answers to these questions from students:
+ Is the knight more powerful than the bishop?
+ What might be the gap between computer games and practical games?
+ How can I improve my thinking process, rather than relying only on intuition?
Smirnov Gambit
+ How to protect your pieces while you play gambit lines?
+ How to counter attack?
+ The interesting and complex line d5
+ Developing your bishop
+ Preparing for a sudden attack
+ Building your pieces
Basic of Planning Explained
Planning’ sounds like something complex, but in fact it simply answers the question “What should you be doing in a given position?“.
Simplify your Planning Process
+ How to attack in Middlegame?
+ Attacking opponent’s king and weaknesses
+ How to promote your pawn?
+ How to capture opponents pawn?
Conclusion and Summary
It’s time for questions. In this lecture, I have answered many of the student’s questions about the topics that we discussed in the seminar.
+ How to make your army stronger?
+ Finding which plans to implement at which stage of the game.
+ How to track your opponent’s plan?

GM Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov is a chess Grandmaster, coach, and holder of a Master’s degree in psychology. He’s the founder of the “Remote Chess Academy” company that has helped thousands of students worldwide to improve their results. GM Smirnov has developed lots of chess video lessons, articles, webinars and training courses.


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