Win with Colle System with GM Miloje Ratkovic

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Win with Colle System with GM Miloje Ratkovic
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If you want to follow Botvinnik's success and improve your own game, IM Boroljub Zlatanovic has recorded a 10-hour training based on Botvinnik's 5 KEY elements of chess: The File, Bishop Pair, Key Squares, Harmony, Logic & Strategy.

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What if there was a “boring” no-nonsense opening system that worked against ANY of Black’s defenses?

I am talking about the seemingly unambitious yet mighty Colle System.

White plays d4-e3-Nf3-Bd3… looking to push that e-pawn when the time is right.

It’s flexible enough to let you use the same strategic ideas every time—yet bring home the bacon even when Black throws a surprise every now and then.

The only drawback is, if you don’t the lines, Black gets too much of a slack. You don’t want that.

That’s why GM Miloje Ratkovic is here to help you learn the Colle System the right way…

…with his brand-new training, Win With Colle System.

Here’s what you are going to learn:

  • The King wanders. Even you can make your opponent king come out from his pawn shield and wander in dangerous waters like this…waiting for a killer combo to knock him down anytime soon. Learn how Colle himself did it against O’Hanlon in this 1930 match.

  • Solidity in all forms. Black might often find himself uncoordinated and stifled, even when he is playing a dynamic defense like the King’s Indian. While the system is itself solid, know the right move orders to reach a position where you make your opponent think long for his next move.

  • Better endgame positions. One reason to play solid, “boring” systems is that they are safe. They might not give you any tangible advantage in the early stages of the game BUT… you might get better play in the end. Let Miloje teach you how it is done in real games.

This exclusive training provides you with an opening that you can deploy anytime, anywhere you like… regardless of the defense, Black plays, and still come out with an advantage.

A perfect choice for the busy/lazy chess players.


Chapter 1. Traditional Colle System (Colle-Koltanowski) I
Chapter 2. Traditional Colle System (Colle-Koltanowski) II
Chapter 3. Traditional Colle System (Games)
Chapter 4. Colle-Zukertort System I
Chapter 5. Colle-Zukertort System II
Chapter 6. Colle-Zukertort System III
Chapter 7. Colle-Zukertort System (Batista-Anand, 2006)
Chapter 8. Colle-Zukertort System (Games)
Chapter 9. Slav Defense (Bf5/Bg4)
Chapter 10. Slav Defense (Games)
Chapter 11. King’s Indian, Gruenfeld Defense
Chapter 12. Benoni Defense
Chapter 13. Benoni Defense (Games)
Chapter 14. Dutch Defense

About the Author:

GM Miloje Ratkovic [2499 FIDE]

is a Serbian Grandmaster with a FIDE of 2499. He has obtained the title of GM in 2021. Miloje has won many National and International events. He is a professional player, chess coach, and Twitch streamer. GM Ratkovic is also a huge fan of online blitz with Elo 2785.