Win with Dutch Defense with GM Miloje Ratkovic

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Win with Dutch Defense with GM Miloje Ratkovic
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GM Miloje Ratkovic’s new 10+ hour video training course where he goes through the major systems and breaks them down for you to unleash a hellish attack on your opponent from move one.

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Let’s be honest…

1. d4 f5 (BOOM!)

You are letting White know you mean business. You are claiming that e4-square, opening up the “King’s Short Diagonal“ and making life a bit hard for your light-squared bishop.

The moment you push f7-f5, you make White get chilled to the bone. Imbalances right off the bat—where you are looking to exploit every weakness in White’s position.

The Dutch Defense sounds powerful, right? And that’s why you need to know what you are doing.

You don’t want to be snared in your own traps.

You don’t want to go “all in” and end up losing the steam against your opponent’s counterattacks.

You want to be so geared up that every MOVE you make assaults your opponent’s position (no mercy!).

That’s why you need GM Miloje Ratkovic’s new 10+ hour video training course where he goes through the major systems and breaks them down for you to unleash a hellish attack on your opponent from move one.

Ratkovic is a regular chess author for TCW as you already know. And this is just another addition to the list of high quality courses that you got from him so far!

Here’s what you would learn:

  • Staunton Gambit explained. White would want to challenge the f5-pawn right away. As Black, you have to keep the pressure on the e4-square nonetheless. Let Ratkovic show you how.
  • The e6-square weakness. That f5 pawn move does create a “hole” in your position. After the …d6 or …d5 move, White gets control of the e6 square. Now what? Discover more about your plans or the key squares to fight for.
  • The ambitious f-pawn. The f-pawn can advance ahead at times—to break through White’s position. Find out how you can do this against the English opening. Hint: please exchange your bishop for the c3-knight first.
  • Capturing the long diagonal. Often the fianchettoed dark-squared bishop can be a deadly weapon in your hands. Watch Chapters 17 and 18 carefully to know how best to deploy it against the Queen’s Knight Variation.
  • Leningrad Dutch 8.b3 Variation. White often puts his knight on the d5 outpost—painfully near to the Black king. Learn how to tackle this monster knight once and for all, and still escape unscathed nonetheless.

This course is built for both beginners and advanced-level players alike. That’s what you get from a seasoned chess coach like Ratkovic.


Chapter 1. Leningrad variation 8.d5 I
Chapter 2. Leningrad variation 8.d5 II
Chapter 3. Leningrad variation 8.Re1
Chapter 4. Leningrad variation 8.Re1 Nd5
Chapter 5. Leningrad variation 8.b3
Chapter 6. Leningrad variation Different moves at 8th move
Chapter 7. Leningrad variation System with b3 and Bb2
Chapter 8. Leningrad variation System with b2-b4
Chapter 9. 3…d6 with the idea e5 (2. g3) I
Chapter 10. 3…d6 with the idea e5 (2. g3) II
Chapter 11. 3…d6 with the idea e5 (2. g3) III
Chapter 12. Hopton Attack I
Chapter 13. Hopton Attack II
Chapter 14. London System
Chapter 15. Staunton Gambit I
Chapter 16. Staunton Gambit II
Chapter 17. Queen’s Knight Variation I
Chapter 18. Queen’s Knight Variation II
Chapter 19. Raphael Variation I
Chapter 20. Raphael Variation II
Chapter 21. Raphael Variation III
Chapter 22. 1.d4 2.Nf3 (3.h3 Bg5)
Chapter 23. Unusual lines after 1.d4 Krejcik Gambit
Chapter 24. Unusual lines after 1.d4 Alapin Variation
Chapter 25. Unusual lines after 1.d4 Korchnoi Attack
Chapter 26. Unusual lines after 1.d4 2. b3/e3
Chapter 27. 1.Nf3-f5 I
Chapter 28. 1.Nf3-f5 II
Chapter 29. 1.Nf3-f5 III
Chapter 30. 1.Nf3-f5 2.b3/g3 and Lisitsyn gambit
Chapter 31. English Opening I
Chapter 32. English Opening II

GM Miloje Ratkovic [2499 FIDE]

is a Serbian Grandmaster with FIDE of 2499. He has obtained a title of GM in 2021. Miloje has won many National and International events. He is a professional player, chess coach and twitch streamer. GM Ratkovic is also a huge fan of online blitz with Elo 2785.