5 Must Know Gambits for White and Black

with GM Marian Petrov
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GM Marian Petrov Presents…

I’ve got some fantastic news that’s going to flip your chess world upside down!

Ready for it?

We are rolling out an absolute game-changer: a 6-hour Must Know Gambits for Whtie & Black with the one and only GM Marian Petrov.

Picture this…

You’re at the chess board, your opponent’s confidence is sky-high, and then bam!

You hit them with a gambit they never saw coming.

That’s the kind of edge we’re talking about here.

GM Petrov, a wizard with chess pieces, is going to walk you through some of the most thrilling gambits you can play as White & Black.

And trust me, these aren’t just any gambits.

They’re the kind that makes your opponent’s eyes go wide with surprise.

What you will learn:

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