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Angelo Kesaris Presents…

They know the fundamentals…
They learned a few openings…
They occasionally solve tactics …
They play tons of blitz and rapid…
They are rated anywhere between 1200-1400 Elo…

Sounds familiar?

This is a profile of a typical club player. Chances are you know quite a few players just like that.

And it’s really just TWO roads from here.

Most players will stay where they are. Their ratings will fluctuate. But will never break 1400 or 1500. Few players will quickly reach 1600. Then 1800 or even 2000.

Angelo Kesaris is a FIDE coach for over 20 years and has seen it all. He helped hundreds of players to go from the typical 1300 Elo range to 1600-1800. And now he recorded a complete training that will help anyone rated around 1300 to unleash their full potential and teleport to 1600-1800 territory.

What you will learn:

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