Must-Know Structures for 1.d4 Players II

with GM Mihail Marin
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GM Mihail Marin Presents…

Are you a 1.d4 player and want to improve in the opening?

If so, I have something that would definitely help!

GM Mihail Marin has developed a unique training with ZERO memorization, yet it literally guarantees you’ll improve your opening play.

Where is that ‘magic button‘… you ask?

There is no magic here. Just pawn structures.

That’s how IMs and GMs train, and that’s what you should do too!

In the next 3 hours, GM Marin will train you on the five 1.d4-specific pawn structures that are fundamental for winning your games! You’ll learn Open Centre, Kingside Majority, Tension on d-file, KID structure, and the Blocked Centre.

What you will learn:

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