My 50 Favourite Endgames

with GM Mihail Marin
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GM Mihail Marin Presents…

Most club players work on tactics, openings, positional chess, strategy, and a handful of other things… separately.

It takes time. And it is not a very effective approach (but very time-consuming).

What if you could hit the 5 most important chess ‘muscles’ all at once?

Learn the endgames and you’ll…

1. Build strategic understanding
2. Sharpen calculation
3. Improve visualization
4. Enhance decision-making
5. Boost patience and endurance

The best part is, GM Mihail Marin spent months on one of the most fundamental projects he has ever done!

My 50 Favourite Endgames consists of 50 carefully selected super instructive endgames and 64 associated tests.

What you will learn:

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