Understand the Queen’s Indian
with GM Grigor Grigorov
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GM Grigor Grigorov Presents…

Being club player is tough.

Sure, you don’t need to spend months preparing for a specific opponent before next Wiijk aan Zee or FIDE Grand Prix.

But… you have no idea who you’re going to face and what opening they’ll play.

One thing is for certain. You’ll have to play against 1.d4 with Black pieces.

And there are two options.

You play highly theoretical lines, an hope you know the theory better than your opponent…

Or, you just pick the opening that is based on ideas rather than memorization, and learn how to win *key* positions.

GM Grigor Grigorov recommends the second approach.

And that’s why he presents a complete 6-hour Masterclass on the Queen’s Indian Defense [QID] for Black.

What you will learn:

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