Win with Budapest Gambit vol. 1-2
with GM Marian Petrov
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GM Marian Petrov Presents…

Are you looking for an opening against 1.d4 that…

  • Leads to fast and furious attacks by Black. Check.
  • Avoids your opponent’s home preparation and pet lines. Check.
  • Prevents drawish and boring play. Check.

GM Marian Petrov has got just what you need. Play the Budapest Gambit.

Budapest is the off-the-radar opening that is perfectly sound and will take any club player off their comfort zone.

You see, most players are prepared against Queen’s Gambit, Slav/Semi-Slav, and King’s Indian. Some are ready to face the Grunfeld.

But nearly no one is prepared against the Budapest Gambit which means you are instantly getting both a tactical and psychological edge.

Add the low-theory approach adapted by GM Petrov and you get an amazing weapon for club players against 1.d4 lines.

What you will learn:

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