Win with Semi-Tarrasch Defense
with GM Marian Petrov
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GM Marian Petrov Presents…

Need an ‘off-the-radar’ opening for Black that can be played against many 1.d4 variations leading to a sharp attacking play, not boring positional maneuvering?

If you are looking for that ‘0-1’ win, GM Marian Petrov has prepared something very special for you.

He recommends playing Semi-Tarrasch Defense!

Warning: this isn’t an opening for those looking for a quick draw with Black pieces.

It is a flexible option for Black, that keeps White guessing and on their toes. And the best part… nearly no one is prepared for it.

Spoiler alert: master this course, and you will end many of your games with a masterful attack leading to checkmate or a serious material gain.

If that’s what you are after, this course is for you.

You may wonder if this would work at the Club Level?

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