by NM Viktor Neustroev

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tactical mastery

NM Neustroev Reveals...

The 3-Step System to Quickly Learning the Chess Patterns and Instantly Recognizing them in Your Own Games

A couple of years ago, I was playing in a local tournament… and I was on fire. I was getting great positions, dictating play, finding tactics – everything was going my way.

But I’ll always remember the last round. A win guaranteed second place and the $500 prize.

My opponent played solidly, castling kingside in a Caro-Kann. But I was out for blood. Around move 20, I ripped open his king position with a knight sac, gaining 2 pawns as I chased his king around.

Then came the critical position.

One more move and his king would get to safety. The only way I could prevent this was to sac another piece. After staring at the board for 20 minutes, I decided it was too risky and backed off, eventually drawing a painful endgame.

When I put the game on the computer later, it showed I’d missed a mate in 5!!!

Have you had games like this?

Where you’re sure there’s a win but can’t quite prove it so play something less risky?

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you again, we’ve joined forces with attacking dynamo Viktor Neustroev to bring you Checkmating Patterns – an 8-hour course that teaches you how to create, find and execute devastating mating attacks.

This is a complete training in the art of checkmate, using studies, tactical positions, and full games to teach you how to finish games with attacking play. And it is all based on simple, yet very powerful 3-step-system for learning PATTERNS.

How does the training works?

  • First, you learn the pattern itself.
  • Next, you train on puzzle examples.
  • And finally, you go over Grandmasters' games to make sure you recognize this exact pattern in game environment

This system ensures that you add every single of these checkmating patterns into your chess toolbox and ready to use it in your next game!

How will this course make you a better player?

  • Help you finish games with direct attacking play thanks to your new “GM database” of mating attacks.
  • Sharpen your visualization skills with Viktor’s battle-tested exercises.
  • Show you how to build aggressive positions quickly by learning the secrets of some of the most instructive attacks ever played.
  • Save time and energy in tournaments as you don’t have to spend 5 hours grinding out a technical endgame.
  • Reignite your passion for chess as you win brilliancies you’ll always remember…

After studying this course, the checkmating patterns will become second nature to you. You'll be able to identify them habitually, on AUTOPILOT and execute the winning combination with ease.

Let's Begin?

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    Introduction to the course

  • Lecture 1

    About the course

  • Lecture 2

    What you get from the course

  • Lecture 3

    General advice before you start the course

  • Lecture 4

    Queen checkmates

  • Lecture 5

    Queen Mate Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 6

    Queen Mate. Rodzinski - Alekhine

  • Lecture 7

    Queen Mate Puzzle 4 and 5

  • Lecture 8

    Queen Mate Puzzle 6

  • Lecture 9

    Queen Mate Puzzle 7 and 8

  • Lecture 10

    Rook and Bishop checkmate

  • Lecture 11

    Rook and Bishop Mate Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 12

    Rook and Bishop Mate Puzzle 3 and 4

  • Lecture 13

    Rook and Bishop Mate Puzzle 5

  • Lecture 14

    Rook and Bishop Mate, Rozanes - Andersen

  • Lecture 15

    Rook and Knight checkmate

  • Lecture 16

    Rook and Knight Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 17

    Rook and Knight Byrne - Seidman

  • Lecture 18

    Rook and Knight Puzzle 4 and 5

  • Lecture 19

    Bishop and Knight Checkmate

  • Lecture 20

    Bishop and Knight Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 21

    Bishop and Knight Puzzle 3 and 4

  • Lecture 22

    Bishop and Knight Puzzle 5 - 7

  • Lecture 23

    Bishop and Knight Alekhine - Fletcher

  • Lecture 24

    Queen and Knight (Smothered mate) Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 25

    Queen and Knight (Smothered mate) Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 26

    Queen and Knight (Smothered mate) Puzzle 3

  • Lecture 27

    Queen and Knight (Smothered mate) Kasparov - Ivanchuk

  • Lecture 28

    2 Bishop Mate

  • Lecture 29

    2 Bishop Mate Puzzle 1 - 3

  • Lecture 30

    2 Bishop Mate Per Ofstad - Wolfgang Ulhmann

  • Lecture 31

    2 Knights Mate

  • Lecture 32

    2 Knights Mate Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 33

    2 Knights Mate Ulibin - Bezold

  • Lecture 34

    2 Rooks Checkmate

  • Lecture 35

    2 Rooks Mate Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 36

    2 Rooks Mate Puzzle 3 and 4

  • Lecture 37

    2 Rooks Mate Lehmann - Mueller

  • Lecture 38

    Back-rank mate explanation

  • Lecture 39

    Back-rank mate Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 40

    Back-rank mate Puzzle 3 and 4

  • Lecture 41

    Back-rank mate Reshevsky - Fischer

  • Lecture 42

    Combination of several tactical motifs

  • Lecture 43

    Line mate with the rook

  • Lecture 44

    Bxh7 sacrifice Anand - Kasparov

  • Lecture 45

    Bxh7 sacrifice Puzzle 1 and 2

  • Lecture 46

    Bxh7 pattern Kuzmin - Sveshnikov

  • Lecture 47

    Rook on the 7th rank Petrosian - Gipslis

  • Lecture 48

    Visualization of mating patterns

  • Lecture 49

    Final Puzzles 1 and 2

  • Lecture 50

    Final Puzzles 3 and 4


Course + Practicum + PGNs + Extra Tasks + Summary + Applying the Theory + Bonus

Checkmating Patterns with NM Neustroev - video course [8 hours]

In this 50-lessons, 8-hour course, NM Neustroev reveals a powerful 3-step-system for learning PATTERNS. This system ensures that you add every single of these checkmating patterns into your chess toolbox and ready to use it in your next game! The course includes in-video puzzles and training exercises.

Access to Practicum

Train the important tactical skills and motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of all the games covered in the course. Each lecture comes with a separate PGN file for your convenience and ease of navigation. A must-have for a serious chess player.

Extra Training Tasks - Quiz [PDF]

Advanced training tasks are included to make sure you grasp the most important ideas of the Kan Variation, able to find the best moves and right continuations in actual games.

Applying the Theory [1 Hour 15 Min]

Watch NM Viktor Neustroev playing live and applying principles and ideas covered in the course. NM  Neustroev annotates the games on-the-fly, sharing his ideas and secrets of success.  A must-have for any serious chess player.

Summary of the course [PDF]

Brief summary of the key points covered in the course for quick reference and reviewing. Use it as a quick refresher after studying the course or print it and pin it on the wall.

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NM Viktor Neustroev (FIDE 2211)

is a chess player and coach who won multiple regional competition and received various awards. He has coached for many year and have had highly successful students. Viktor sees his mission in teaching chess and making his students overall much better players.


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