with GM Arkadij Naiditsch

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If you want to go from “good” to “great” and become that player who always wins everything, get Naiditsch’s Dojo: Tournament Training for the Attacking Player (Naiditsch Method 2).


Super GM Arkadij Naiditsch (peak rating 2737) and iChess are back, examining some of the greatest games from the past few years from the world’s greatest players.

GM Naiditsch begins with a deep exploration of the Najdorf, an extremely sharp and powerful opening, showing how rich it can be, and how many creative options Black has as their disposal.

Next, GM Naiditsch analyses some of the greatest attacking games of recent memory, from a beautiful queen sacrifice from Radjabov, to Caruana’s daring pawn rush. You’ll pick up some of the KEY ATTACKING IDEAS being employed by the world’s best.

Many players understand the general opening principles and learn basic endgame tactics, but often fall apart in the middlegame.

How do you find a plan in this crucial part of the game?

By examining 7 recent masterpieces, GM Naiditsch reveals the nuances of the middlegame, unveiling the positional and strategic ideas you can employ in your games. Turn those tense close games into victories!

What good is all this master-level material if you struggle to think straight in the important, stressful games?

Building upon his Tournament Preparation Guide, GM Naiditsch uses four of his own games to delve into useful tips and advice for preparing for that last round game.

Here’s what it will do for your game:

  • Become a Najdorf expert: By analyzing instructive Super GM games, Arkadij reveals the killer ideas for both sides in the essential opening for tournament success.
  • Constant initiative: Even if the game is objectively level, it’s much easier to play when you’re asking the questions. Copy the strategies of these elite GMs and dominate with supercharged pieces!
  • Attacks that work: If you get more wins from winning a pawn than crashing through with a killer attack – you need some new, powerful attacking ideas! Master Wei Yi’s sac to set up this position. Instant win with 17.Nxe7 Kxe7 18.Rxd6!!
  • Perform under pressure: In the big games, some players crumble while others come to life. GM Naiditsch explains how to surf the waves of emotion while others drown, using his years of experience of winning critical games.

If you want to go from "good" to "great" and become that player who always wins everything, get Naiditsch’s Dojo: Tournament Training for the Attacking Player (Naiditsch Method 2).



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The Naiditsch Method 2 - Comprehensive Video Training [15 hours]

Sharpen your skills and go from contender to champion with Naiditsch’s Dojo, the 15 hour training from 2700 GM Naiditsch: national champion, Dortmund winner and the guy who beat Magnus Carlsen as Black in the Olympiad!

Course Summary

The detailed summary in PDF format makes navigation a breeze, assuring that every lesson is easily accessible!

Challenging Puzzles

Practical tests are designed to test your knowledge to the limit!

Complete PGN File

PGNs are included so you can print or browse the ideas on your favorite chess software.

FREE BONUS: Exclusive Q&A Video with Naiditsch

Where we ask him vital questions such as how to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, time management tactics, how to truly understand your openings (rather than merely memorizing) and why checking your games with the engine is a big mistake!


  • Chapter1

    Exploring The Najdorf

    1.Every move counts!
    2.Moves so good even engines struggle to find them!
    3.Punishing unprepared opponents
    4.When White quickly goes wrong
    5.When Black gets it wrong
    6.Surprising the opponent

  • Chapter 2

    Instructive Attacking Games

    1.The great attack comes from a good position
    2.Using all the pieces dynamically.
    3.Finding sharp tactics.
    4.How Wen Yang won with the amazing rook sac 13. Rxf7!!
    5.Storming up the board with the daring 22. h4!
    6.Using pins and decisive sacrifices such as 22. Nxe6!!
    7.Sacrifices and tactics! Fighting a strong defense.
    8.Cold-blooded attacking!

  • Chapter 3

    Middlegame Masterpieces

    1.Finding deep plans
    2.Understanding symmetrical pawn structures in The Slav
    3.Using all of your resources
    4.Combining center play with a hidden attack
    5.Limiting the opponent’s options
    6.Strategic domination
    7.Finding precise middlegame plans

  • Chapter 4

    Winning The Last Round

    1.The will to win
    2.Pouncing on opponent’s mistakes
    3.Being psychologically prepared
    4.Choosing the correct opening

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GM Arkadij Naiditsch (2737 FIDE)

Arkadij Naiditsch is s German and Azerbaijani super grandmaster who has won many elite tournaments such as Dortmund Sparkassen, Tata Steel and Grenke Chess Classic. He outplayed the strongest chess players including Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Vaselin Topalov, and many more.

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