5 Must Know Gambits for Black with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

5 Must Know Gambits for Black with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

I’ve got some fantastic news that’s going to flip your chess world upside down! Ready for it? TCW Academy is rolling out an absolute game-changer: a 3-hour 5 Must Know Gambits for Black with the one and only GM Marian Petrov.

Picture this…

You’re at the chess board, your opponent’s confidence is sky-high, and then bam!

You hit them with a gambit they never saw coming.

That’s the kind of edge we’re talking about here.

GM Petrov, a wizard with chess pieces, is going to walk you through some of the most thrilling gambits you can play as Black.

And trust me, these aren’t just any gambits.

They’re the kind that makes your opponent’s eyes go wide with surprise.

This course isn’t just about learning some moves; it’s about changing the way you play chess.

GM Petrov doesn’t just show you what to do; he dives into the why and the how, turning you into a strategist, not just a player.

So, are you ready to bring some new firepower to your chess battles?

Jump into this course and start making moves that’ll leave your opponents in awe.

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Updated 12.11.2023