Bishop vs. Knight with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

Bishop vs. Knight with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

Chess is a very complex game. Not only you need to calculate very precisely, but also you need to understand the strategy of the game.

And when it comes down to strategy, one of the most important issues is to understand the “active value of pieces”. At the very beginning, everyone learns the so-called “static value of pieces”.

For example, we all know that the queen is equal to 9 points, the rook is equal to five points, and bishop and knight are 3 points each.

In this course, we are going to discuss the “active value” of knights and bishops. Even though these two pieces have the same value on paper, they are VERY different in their specifics. As you already know, in certain positions knights are stronger and in the other ones, bishops are dominant.

In this TCW Academy series, IM Mat Kolosowski will help you understand the subtleties of bishop vs. knight. After watching this course, you’ll know how to apply the principles we are going to discuss and your understanding of the chess strategy will be much better!

What you will learn:

  • The strength of a bishop pair in an open position with pawns on both flanks
  • Two bishops vs two knights in a semi-open position with pawns on both flanks
  • A bishop limiting the knight
  • Restricting the knight with pawns
  • The knight is stronger than a bishop if the play is conducted on one flank
  • Deliberately closing the position to limit the bishop
  • Transition to a closed endgame/changing evaluation
  • Bishops in a closed position are weaker than knights on outposts protecting each other
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Updated 02.08.2024