English Opening with IM Valeri Lilov [TCW Academy]

English Opening with IM Valeri Lilov [TCW Academy]

When two of the GOATs played an opening in a World Championship match 5 times, and…

(Kasparov and Karpov played this opening in the 1984 WCC match.)

The smartest chess bot plays this opening against another supercomputer for a win, you know that…

The opening is worth it.

And that is why you need to learn the English opening.

The English opening is a flank opening to take your opponent out of his comfort zone and makes it hard for him to follow his opening book.

The position stays fluid for a long time—only the more experienced player might take advantage of the little nuances arising from this opening.

In this training, you will learn how to control the e5 pawn push or how to mobilize an attack on the kingside… in short, you will learn how to actually play the English opening and come out ahead of your opponent.

What you will learn:

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Updated 02.02.2024