Isolated Queen’s Pawn with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

Isolated Queen’s Pawn with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

An early n4 move by White and n5 by Black, followed by undermining pawn moves in the adjacent files—and there it is, the true “pride and sorrow” of chess.

Not only can it win you games like a rockstar, it can also lose you games like mere simpletons!

Strong outposts on c5 and e5…

Gaining central control…

Facilitating better development…

Constraining Black’s position…

The Isolani is a force to reckon with in the middlegame. This is where it is most active and this is where it should live and die.

However, some have a longer life span and live until the endgame. And that’s where the force quickly fizzles into a BIG MINUS.

It’s hard to defend without the rest of the minor pieces missing on the board.

The opponent usually ends up grabbing the IQP and takes his extra pawn to promote to a queen (or whatever he wishes).

What is an Isolated Queen’s Pawn?

It’s a double-edged sword that every chess player must learn to yield. That’s where this course comes in.

In this 2.5+ hour course, IM Mat Kolosowski takes you on a ride to understand your Isolated Queen’s Pawn in a different light.

Whether it is to transition into a better endgame, push the pawn to promotion or attack the opponent’s king, Kolosowski will cover all these different aspects of playing with an Isolated Queen’s Pawn and turning it into a killer weapon.

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Updated 02.02.2024