The Nimzowitsch Defense with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

The Nimzowitsch Defense with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

The Nimzowitsch Defense packs a punch of surprise right in the opening but has also got a misplaced knight on c6 in most cases.

If you play Black ever in your chess games and your opening needs to have a shock value, this is for you.

Especially if it is a game with faster time control, as with online tournaments these days.

This opening is relatively unexplored—at least not widely studied like the Sicilian or the Central Game—and will definitely help you secure a few full points and add points to your rating.

Also, you need a line with less theory when you want to have fun and still win, right? This opening fits the bill for those occasions.

What you will learn:

  • White’s e4-e5 push. Black plays d5. White does not believe in exchanges though. He pushes the e-pawn forward. What to do next? Get the light-squared bishop out and lock it out with e6!
  • White’s tricky Nc3. This move can be tricky. How do you play it as Black? Do you take the pawn on e4? Or do you play Nf6 instead? Let Tekeyev show you the correct line to follow with.
  • White’s triangle setup. With the advanced e-pawn, White usually goes for a triangle formation with d4/e5/f4. Black will try to break through with f6. Is it good though? Tough choice.
  • White’s trickiest move. They say White’s Nf3 is why Black players rarely play this opening. Why? Black does not have a suitable reply to it. Or does he? Tekeyez suggests going for …d6 for a delayed Pirc setup.
  • Out of the comfort zone. Tekeyez also shows you which moves to avoid not to fall into the same, old openings… that White prepared for! It’s a tug of war and Tekeyev wants you to win.

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Updated 02.08.2024