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Nalimov Endgame Tables

Here is the unique online Nalimov’s Database which allows figuring out the outcome of any chess endgame with 6 pieces or less.   Just setup wanted position on the interactive board below and the program will show the outcome of your game with the perfect (!) play.

Thanks to Eugene Nalimov, Andrew Kadatch, Robert Hyatt, Kyrill Kryukov, Nelson Hernandez for generating, compressing, and publishing the databases and offering them for free. Special thanks to k4it.de for implementation. 

If you're experiencing difficulties viewing the tablebase it's suggested to use Firefox or Chrome web browsers.

Please enter max. 6 pieces (incl. kings).
NEW! All 6-men tables online (except 5 vs. 1).

Hint: You can copy the FEN string by selecting and copying it. In most
browsers you can select the FEN string by triple-clicking on it.

NEW: Many features are also available via keyboard shortcuts: Flip board [f], Input FEN [i],
Back [t], King(s) [1], Queen(s) [2] etc., Move piece / Free [7], Change color [c],
Play best move [b], Move position [arrow keys].