1...d6 Flexible Repertoire with IM Valentin Baidetskyi

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1...d6 Flexible Repertoire with IM Valentin Baidetskyi
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IM Valentin Baidetskyi mixed the Improved Hanham Variation of the Philidor Defense with the Pirc, and the outcome? Nothing short of spectacular. 1...d6 Flexible Repertoire crushes titled players and is a total beast in club play.

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Need a fresh take on playing against 1.e4?

Here is the recipe.

Start with an old-school opening from the 18th century that everyone’s forgotten about.

Blend it with another system to make it truly flexible and unstoppable.

Spice it up with the strongest engine analysis, triple-checking all the lines, and picking only the top-scoring variations.

That’s what IM Valentin Baidetskyi did. He mixed the Improved Hanham Variation of the Philidor Defense with the Pirc, and the outcome?

Nothing short of spectacular.

It crushes titled players and is a total beast in club play.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Philidor Endgame – Think this endgame is a no-go with Black because it’s too drawish? Think again. IM Baidetskyi is here to prove otherwise. He’s got a complete guide to winning this endgame, just like Magnus Carlsen did against GM Francisco Vallejo. Get ready to turn those drawish fears into victories.
  • Gustafsson Variation – White goes all in for the flank attack? IM Baidetskyi will reveal two deceptively quiet moves that can turn the tables on your opponent.
  • Battling the Mainline – White’s solid on theory? Perfect! IM Baidetskyi mixes things up with the aggressive exd4 system. Here’s your guide to clinching that win.
  • Off Beat Arsenal – Does White dodge the main lines and deviate early? IM Baidetskyi has prepared a few very powerful variations you can use to counter players who steer clear of the book. Think of this as your lucky day – they score really well!

IM Valentin Baidetskyi really wants to help you master this opening (after all it’s his top pick against 1.e4). That’s why he prepared a few useful bonuses for you:

  1. Model Games Collection – IM Baidetskyi included 8 model games with video annotations so you can see the theory in action
  2. PGN Vault – Fully annotated, chapter-by-chapter PGNs with extra lines and ideas for those looking to level up
  3. Practicum Access – to learn the key tactical ideas & and stay sharp


Chapter 1 The Endgame
Chapter 2 3.f3
Chapter 3 4.f4
Chapter 4 Rare Moves for White on the 4th Move
Chapter 5 4.Nge2
Chapter 6 3.Bd3
Chapter 7 5.g3
Chapter 8 Gustafsson Variation
Chapter 9 5.h3
Chapter 10 5.Rg1
Chapter 11 5.g4
Chapter 12 6.dxe5, 6.Bxf7+ and 6.Ng5
Chapter 13 The Main Line 7.h3
Chapter 14 The Main Line 7.Re1
Chapter 15 The Main Line 7.a4
Chapter 16 Rare Continuations on 2nd Move
Model Games 1 Aulin Jansson – Baidetskyi
Model Games 2 Morozov – Van Foreest
Model Games 3 Bok – Van Foreest
Model Games 4 Skuhala – Baidetskyi
Model Games 5 Nguyen – Baidetskyi
Model Games 6 Daghli – Pour Agha Bala
Model Games 7 Vallejo – Carlsen
Model Games 8 Fule – Baidetskyi

About the Author:

IM Valentin Baidetskyi [2499 FIDE]

is a seasoned chess professional and coach from Ukraine, now playing for Austria. With 14 years of chess experience under his belt, he’s dedicated to sharing his insights and elevating the skills of others. As a coach, Valentin focuses on enhancing all areas of your game, delivering guidance in clear, straightforward language. He boasts a current ELO of 2499, with a blitz rating of 2525. Valentin also clinched the title at the Austrian Rapid Championship in 2023.