Attack Like Ding Liren: Free Mini-Course

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Attack Like Ding Liren: Free Mini-Course
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IM Boroljub Zlatanovic recorded a brand-new course, Attack like Ding Liren. In this free mini-course, you can see how Ding Liren destroyed Nepo in Game 4 of the Match.

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He learned to play chess at 4.

Became a Grandmaster at 17.

Achieved 2875 FIDE in blitz, the highest rating at the time.

Won National Championship 3 times.

And he is now the reigning World Champion.

We can all learn a lot from GM Ding Liren.

His ability to avoid danger, yet patiently wait for the right moment to attack…

His killer instinct for finding opportunities and demolishing his opponents…

His unique ability to find hidden resources over the board when it seems like nothing is available…

Master just ONE of those and you could easily add a few hundred Elo points to your game.

Here you can see how Ding Liren destroyed Nepo in Game 4 of the Match…

This mini-course is based on Attack Like Ding Liren with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic provides an in-depth analysis of Ding Liren’s games and demonstrates the techniques and skills you need to succeed at the highest level.

About the author:

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [2438 FIDE]

is an International Master and a professional chess coach from Serbia. He has been coaching chess for over 15 years and his students showed outstanding results in the Youth and Junior Championships. You are at the right place with IM Zlatanovic whether you want to improve: your endgame (basic, typical, complex), middlegame (global strategy, tactics, and typical positions) or expand and deepen the opening repertoire.