Chess Strategy for Beginners with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

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Chess Strategy for Beginners with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic
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IM Boroljub Zlatanovic has just recorded a 3-hour training on Strategy for Beginners covering the 3 most important aspects: Center Control, Development, and Opening Principles.

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Have you ever felt lost over the board?

Don’t know whether you should develop that knight, castle, or maybe go for a pawn break?

Beginners typically treat each move on their own, without seeing the big picture.

Strategy is the glue connecting everything together and allowing your pieces to work as a team.

Learn strategy fundamentals and you’ll make a HUGE leap in chess ability.

If you are rated between 1000-1400 this is for you.

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic has just recorded a 3-hour training on Strategy for Beginners covering the 3 most important aspects:

  1. Center Control
  2. Development
  3. Opening Principles

First, you will unlock the secrets of center control, a crucial aspect of chess strategy. You’ll learn how to strategically occupy and dominate the center of the board, enabling you to exert maximum influence over the game.

Next, you’ll dive into the development, an essential concept for chess players of any level. Understand the importance of bringing your pieces into the game efficiently and harmoniously.

And finally, you’ll learn opening principles, a fundamental aspect of chess strategy. IM Zlatanovic will reveal the secrets behind opening moves, helping you make informed decisions and set the stage for a flawless middlegame.

Ready to get started?

You are just 3 hours away from grasping Strategy Fundamentals.

What you will learn:

  • Discover how controlling the center can lead to advantageous positions
  • Master techniques to strategically occupy and influence the center squares
  • Gain the ability to dictate the flow of the game from the center
  • Expert techniques to expedite the development and maximize your piece’s potential
  • Discover the secrets behind successful opening moves
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of opening principles and guidelines


Chapter 1. Center Control. Alekhine-Marshall
Chapter 2. Center Control. Rubinstein-Schlechter
Chapter 3. Center Control. Reti-Nimzowitsch
Chapter 4. Development. Fuderer-Milic
Chapter 5. Development. Tal-Uhlmann
Chapter 6. Development. Sakaev-Tregubov
Chapter 7. Opening Principles. Alekhine-Maroczy
Chapter 8. Opening Principles. Bogoljubow-Reti
Chapter 9. Opening Principles. Keres-Kotov
Chapter 10. Opening Principles. Steinitz-Potter

About The Author:

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [FIDE 2438]

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic is an International Master and a professional chess coach from Serbia. Boroljub has been coaching chess for over 15 years and his students showed outstanding results in the Youth and Junior Championships. Whether you want to improve your endgame (basic, typical, complex), middlegame (global strategy, tactics, and typical positions), or expand and deepen the opening repertoire, you are at the right place!