Colle System: Lemos Formula with GM Damian Lemos

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Colle System: Lemos Formula with GM Damian Lemos
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GM Damian Lemos has packed a decade of experience with Colle System into a 5-hour training, making it quick and easy for you to grasp and deploy.

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Imagine you’re up against a 2650-rated Grandmaster.

You’ve got the White pieces.

What would you play?

GM Damian Lemos went for the Colle System, that versatile setup you can use against anything Black throws at you.

By move 10, he had already carved out an excellent middlegame position.

By move 15, he kicked off the king’s side attack and was up in material a few moves later.

And then on move 42, it was all over – Black threw in the towel and the scoresheets were signed.

Was that luck?

No way. Damian does this over and over.

He’s packed a decade of experience with Colle System into a 5-hour training, making it quick and easy for you to grasp and deploy.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • The only universal setup you’ll ever need, perfect for taking on anyone from club players to super-GMs.
  • The crucial move order trick to smoothly transition into the Colle Setup from common positions.
  • The step-by-step algorithm to unleash devastating King’s Side Attack to take down the titled players.
  • How to turn an isolated pawn into the game-changer, using Kramnik’s savvy trick that’ll rack up points for you for years.
  • The Wei Yi Rook Lift combined with an h7 sacrifice that’ll put your opponent ahead in material but scrambling to escape a deadly mating net.

In short, you’re getting a powerful, all-in-one system that you can learn in just 5 hours and play for years to come.

GM Lemos has been winning games with Colle System for over a decade.

Many of his private students did too.

Now it’s your chance to learn it.


Chapter 1 Introduction and Lemos-Akobian I
Chapter 2 Beating a 2650 GM Lemos-Akobian II
Chapter 3 Developing a Kingside Attack Yusupov-Dautov I
Chapter 4 Developing a Kingside Attack Yusupov-Dautov II
Chapter 5 Black Plays Early …b6-c5 Colle-Gruenfeld
Chapter 6 The Power of Hanging Pawns Kurajica-Villavicencio
Chapter 7 World Championship Battle Carlsen-Karjakin
Chapter 8 Attacking With a Classic Isolated Pawn Kramnik-Topalov
Chapter 9 Black’s Queenside Bishop Debut With Bf5 Bg4
Chapter 10 Unexpected Rook Lift Wei-Vidit
Chapter 11 The Colle System (d4-e3-c3)
Chapter 12 Playing in a Reversed Semi-Slav Fashion with White

About the Author:

GM Damian Lemos [2559 FIDE]

GM Lemos is an Argentine chess Grandmaster and a renowned chess coach. He achieved the title of International Master at the age of 15, and Grandmaster at the age of 19. He has won several national and international chess tournaments, including the Argentine Championship in 2014 and the Brazilian Open in 2015.

GM Damian Lemos is also a highly respected chess coach. He has taught thousands of students worldwide through online chess courses and YouTube videos.

Today, Lemos is considered one of the top chess coaches and continues to share his knowledge and expertise with chess players of all levels.