Destroying the Castle with FM Zaur Tekeyev

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Destroying the Castle with FM Zaur Tekeyev
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In this 3-hour-long video series, Tekeyev goes focuses on how to take advantage of the weak pawns (f, g, and h) and unleash hell on the enemy king.

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The 14th World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik, recently spoke about No-Castling Chess—where no players are allowed to castle their kings.

Why? As it goes, castling is “safe” and chess players usually castle early on in the game and go for a better-safe-than-sorry line of play.

Ultimately, devoid of any attacking chances, the game ends in a draw, the ultimate result when two players do not make any mistakes or play too safe.

Wait… What if we tell you castling might not be as safe as you think?

What if we tell you that castling might actually turn your position into a disaster?

Not possible?

FM Tekeyev seems to disagree though. He says it’s possible to attack even a castled king if you know how to do it right.

Want to know how?

Tekeyev makes it easy for you in his new and exclusive course… Destroying the Castle.

Probably the best chess course on how to attack a castled king.

In this 3-hour-long video series, Tekeyev goes focuses on how to take advantage of the weak pawns (f, g, and h) and unleash hell on the enemy king.

Tekeyev shows how proper timing and immaculate calculation skills are essential to turning a seemingly drawn position into a full-blown roller coaster ride for your opponent.

Every game he covers, every position he dissects, every sacrificial move he goes through…

They have been chosen to illustrate one key concept: how best to create an advantage in drawish positions, especially where the king is castled.

A sneak peek into the games covered in this course:

  • So vs MVL, 2019
  • Kamsky vs Shankland, 2014
  • Christiansen vs Seirawan, 1978
  • Kasparov vs Mephisto, 1985
  • Kasparov vs Short, 2001
  • Tal vs Speelman, 1988
  • Botvinnik vs Portisch, 1968
  • And many more

This course is filled with fiery tactics and crazy combinations, just the “stuff” chess legends are made of.

Is this course for you?

If this is the question you are wondering about, do know that the course is aimed at those chess players who look for aggressive, dynamic positions.

Grabbing the h7-pawn with your bishop or sacrificing the knight just to get an open diagonal for the queen… this course is not for the fainthearted.

This course perfectly suits both club-level players and those wishing to break through to the expert level above 2200 (as is evident from the numerous games mentioned above).

This course should also serve to break your current thinking pattern and broaden your outlook while playing your next game. You will think twice before pushing h6 again—that’s a promise!

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Spot hidden tactical opportunities. The first step to mastering the art of attack in chess is to discover the imbalances in the position—especially when it comes to king safety. This course will demonstrate, with live examples, how exactly to achieve that.
  • Calculate like a machine. If you can’t calculate multiple moves ahead, you won’t get very far in chess. True story. Is calculation hard to do? Nope, if you do what Tekeyev says… it all starts with clearing your head first.
  • Defend tricky positions. Don’t fall prey to cunning piece maneuvers or crafty sacrifices by your opponent. As Tekeyev says, castle when it improves your position. This course will tell you how.
  • Take your chess to the next level. Last but not least, this course will help you grow your chess understanding and let you advance to an expert level. You will learn what lies beyond the obvious—and you will get to appreciate chess even more.

Time to get started!

FM Zaur Tekeyev (FIDE 2407)

is a FIDE Master with one International Master norm. Zaur has been coaching chess players of different ages and levels for many years. As a player, he has won multiple tournaments, one of the best results being the 1st place in Russian National Students’ Chess League Championship (Moscow Open, 2017). Zaur is also a big online blitz player, with online rating of over 2800.