Elevate Your Chess: Bundle

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Elevate Your Chess: Bundle
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This 61-hour comprehensive video collection offers a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insights to help you rise above the competition. Whether you're a dedicated enthusiast or a competitive player, this bundle provides the tools and techniques you need to enhance your chess game. Elevate your strategy, sharpen your tactics, and gain a deeper understanding of the game. Unlock your full chess potential with this indispensable resource.

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Grandmaster’s Planning with GM Tornike Sanikidze

Starting from queen maneuvers to positional pawn sacrifices to opposite side castling positions, this is not yet another course on chess strategy – it is much beyond that. It shows how a real-life Grandmaster thinks during the different stages or unpredictable positions of a game.

1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White with GM Tornike Sanikidze

GM Tornike Sanikidze, a coach of the gold-winning Georgian Women’s National Team, has prepared 1.d4 Complete Opening Repertoire for White giving you a full-blown repertoire for White in just under 10 hours!

Winning in Equal Positions with GM Tornike Sanikidze

We asked GM Tornike Sanikidze to break this “winning from nowhere” skill down into its core components and into easy-to-digest lessons that club players can pick up in a few hours. And yes, that’s how the brand new Winning in Equal Positions course was born. You’ll get 10 hours of HD video training, detailed PGNs to review each topic, as well as the online practicum…

Complete Middlegame Preparation with FM Armin Musovic

What I have for you today is a brand new middlegame training course from renowned coach FM Armin Musovic… The course gives you 10 hours of HD videos, a whole collection of PGNs well-organized by theme, as well as an online practicum.

Austrian Defense: Your Secret Weapon for Black by FM Armin Musovic

FM Armin Musovic is here with his latest course, Austrian Defense: Your Secret Weapon for Black. In this 9-hours-and-45-minutes long video training, Armin uncovers the trickiest lines in this opening and reveals how to take advantage of them as Black.

Surprise Weapons for White and Black with IM Mika Karttunen

IM Mika Karttunen, 7-times Finnish chess champion and the 12-times Finnish blitz chess champion, is here with his latest, exclusive course ‘Surprise Weapons for White and Black’ to teach you exactly that—how to take your opponents out of their comfort zone as early as move one.

About the Authors:

GM Tornike Sanikidze [2616 FIDE]

is a Georgian chess grandmaster. He was awarded the titles of International Master in 2005 and Grandmaster in 2008. GM Sanikidze won the Georgian championship in 2009. He represented Georgia at the Chess Olympiad in 2012 in Istambul as well as in 2016 in Baku.

FM Armin Musovic [2338 FIDE]

is a FIDE Master, holds a master’s degree in Psychology, and has а decade of chess coaching experience. Armin is 3 times Montenegrin youth champion. He is a winner of several open tournaments in Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia, 5 5-time winner of the regional championships. Working for chess schools in Bijelo Polje and Petnjica in Montenegro.

IM Mika Karttunen [2485 FIDE]

is a Finnish International Master with a peak Elo rating of 2485 and one GM-norm. Mika is a 7-time Finnish chess champion and 12-time Finnish blitz champion. He has written two books and filmed over one hundred chess videos for his students. IM Karttunen has represented Finland in many international team events since 2000: Olympiad 2000-2018, European team championship 2003-2017, Euro Cup (13 times). Mika faced many 2700+ rated players and achieved 9 draws in 23 battles. IM Mika Karttunen is also a full-time coach. His students have won multiple Finish Chess Championships in different age groups, obtained bronze in the Nordic Championship, and gold in the European Blitz Championship.