GM Damian Lemos Comprehensive Bundle - All 13 Courses

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GM Damian Lemos Comprehensive Bundle - All 13 Courses
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Looking for a low theory, GM-strength opening preparation? Or wish to gain powerhouse chess skills boosting your calculation, decision-making, and middlegame strategy? In any case, look no further. GM Damian Lemos is the world's renowned chess instructor and is here to give you all the tools you need to reach your next big goal! Learn the 9 very powerful openings for White and Blacks including English, London System, Bishop's Opening, Pirc Defense, Modern Defense, and much more!

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Torre Attack Lemos Formula

Enter the Lemos Formula: GM Damian Lemos developed this top-scoring opening preparation focusing on the Torre Attack. It’s about boosting your wins with White and slashing your prep time in half!

Alekhine Defense: Lemos Formula

GM Damian Lemos has studied Alekhine Defense for years. He taught it to many of his students, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Scandinavian Defense: Lemos Formula

If you’re rolling with the brand-new Lemos Formula opening, the Scandinavian Defense, this is the game plan in a nutshell. Dead simple, and insanely effective! GM Lemos is big on keeping the theory to a minimum while ramping up your win rate.

Modern Defense Lemos Formula

GM Damian Lemos recommends Modern Defense to all of his top students. The idea is dead simple. You fianchetto your bishop and use one of the Lemos Formula plans to dismantle the center or checkmate the king.

Powerhouse Skills for Club Players

In this 5.5-hour training, tailored specifically for club-level players, GM Lemos boosts your calculation, decision-making, and middlegame strategy skills removing the roadblock for your next rating peak!

English Opening: Lemos Formula

Instead of spending months memorizing zillions of opening lines… Damian found a much more effective approach… He picks the right opening, learns 5-7 core setups, adds minimal theory, and crushes IMs and GMs. In this brand-new 7.5-hour course, GM Damian Lemos did exactly that for the English Opening.

London System: Lemos Formula

It’s called the London System and it satisfies all criteria for Lemos Formula… and Damian did a superb job explaining concepts & ensuring you will get an upper hand in your middlegames!

Bishop’s Opening: Lemos Formula

GM Damian Lemos has just the right opening for you. Bishop’s Opening is one of the oldest openings in existence, and perfect for sidestepping the mainstream theory AND confusing your opponents. It occurs in less than 0.5% of games which guarantees your opponent will NOT be prepared for it!

Pirc Defense: Lemos Formula

GM Lemos is proud to present his first Lemos Formula opening… the Pirc Defense. Damian spent months polishing the theory, double-checking all the lines and variations, and making sure you get the highest quality training. Everything is simplified and compressed into a single 6.5-hour course.

Middlegame Mastery: Decision Making

GM Damian Lemos builds on the experience of the world’s top players… Tal, Kasparov, Carlsen… and develops a thinking method to help you make the best decisions over the board.

Larsen’s Opening Lemos Formula

GM Damian Lemos is back with his groundbreaking opening preparation for White built around the Larsen’s Opening. In a short 6 hours, GM Lemos turns you into a tournament-ready player, eager to take down your opponents.

King’s Indian Defense: Lemos Formula

GM Damian Lemos has got you covered with his detailed 14-hour course on the King’s Indian Defense. He’s mastered the KID throughout his career, scoring many stunning wins.

Colle System: Lemos Formula

GM Damian Lemos has packed a decade of experience with Colle System into a 5-hour training, making it quick and easy for you to grasp and deploy.

About the Author:

GM Damian Lemos [2559 FIDE]

GM Lemos is an Argentine chess Grandmaster and a renowned chess coach. He achieved the title of International Master at the age of 15, and Grandmaster at the age of 19. He has won several national and international chess tournaments, including the Argentine Championship in 2014 and the Brazilian Open in 2015.

GM Damian Lemos is also a highly respected chess coach. He has taught thousands of students worldwide through online chess courses and YouTube videos.

Today, Lemos is considered one of the top chess coaches and continues to share his knowledge and expertise with chess players of all levels.