King's Indian Defense: Lemos Formula with GM Damian Lemos

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King's Indian Defense: Lemos Formula with GM Damian Lemos
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GM Damian Lemos has got you covered with his detailed 14-hour course on the King's Indian Defense. He's mastered the KID throughout his career, scoring many stunning wins.

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Imagine a magic script…

That could instantly lend you an attacking middlegame every single time you touch the Black pieces…

It goes like this:

First, you fianchetto your dark-squared Bishop and take control of the long diagonal.

Next, you develop a few more pieces and put your King to safety.

Finally, you undermine the center and launch a fierce attack.

But there’s more to it.

And GM Damian Lemos has got you covered with his detailed 14-hour course on the King’s Indian Defense. He’s mastered the KID throughout his career, scoring many stunning wins.

He cut all the unnecessary stuff. Optimized the theory. And covered every single line you may encounter with the Black pieces.

Not only will you get a grip on the opening that offers the best practical chances for Black, but you’ll also deepen your overall game understanding.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Anti-London Setup – Facing the London? GM Lemos has the perfect counter for you: a solid, easy-to-learn setup that’s been battle-tested by top GMs. It performs incredibly well in games under 2200!
  • Countering the Four Pawns Attack – Is White getting aggressive with their most attacking line? GM Lemos shows you how to turn the tables with an active strategy that not only neutralizes their threats but also launches an attack of your own.
  • Samisch Variation – White is fortifying the center and gearing up for a pawn storm? Perfect! GM Lemos teaches a straightforward e5-based approach that will turn the tables on your opponent.
  • Shaking up the Averbakh – White goes for a quick Bg5? GM Lemos has a surprising counter with the Na6! It activates the queen’s side pieces and sets the stage for e5. Master this line and it’s sure to rack up plenty of wins for you.
  • Conquering the Fianchetto System – White opts for a quick Fianchetto? GM Lemos suggests the d6 line. He deep dives into different move orders and shows how to get the best possible middlegame.

In short, you’ll get a comprehensive opening repertoire based on the King’s Indian Defense to tackle all of White’s popular replies.

It worked great for GM Lemos.

And it surely will work well for you.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Nf3-Bg5 Variation
Chapter 3 Nf3-Bf4 System
Chapter 4 Kings Indian Defense vs. London System
Chapter 5 Bd3-Nge2 Variation I
Chapter 6 Bd3-Nge2 Variation II
Chapter 7 Nge2-Ng3 Variation III
Chapter 8 Four pawns attack (c4-d4-e4-f4) I
Chapter 9 Four pawns attack (c4-d4-e4-f4) II
Chapter 10 Four pawns attack (c4-d4-e4-f4) III
Chapter 11 Four pawns attack (c4-d4-e4-f4) IV
Chapter 12 Four pawns attack (c4-d4-e4-f4) V
Chapter 13 Four pawns attack (c4-d4-e4-f4) VI
Chapter 14 Samish Variation I
Chapter 15 Samish Variation II
Chapter 16 Samish Variation III
Chapter 17 Averbakh Variation I
Chapter 18 Averbakh Variation II
Chapter 19 Averbakh Variation III
Chapter 20 Averbakh Variation IV
Chapter 21 Averbakh Variation V
Chapter 22 Averbakh Variation VI
Chapter 23 Makogonov Variation I
Chapter 24 Makogonov Variation II
Chapter 25 Makogonov Variation III
Chapter 26 Classical Variation (Be2-Be3) I
Chapter 27 Classical Variation (Be2-Be3) II
Chapter 28 Main Line Qe8 System I
Chapter 29 Main Line Qe8 System II
Chapter 30 Main Line Qe8 System III
Chapter 31 Main Line Qe8 System IV
Chapter 32 Fianchetto System I
Chapter 33 Fianchetto System II

About the Author:

GM Damian Lemos [2559 FIDE]

GM Lemos is an Argentine chess Grandmaster and a renowned chess coach. He achieved the title of International Master at the age of 15, and Grandmaster at the age of 19. He has won several national and international chess tournaments, including the Argentine Championship in 2014 and the Brazilian Open in 2015.

GM Damian Lemos is also a highly respected chess coach. He has taught thousands of students worldwide through online chess courses and YouTube videos.

Today, Lemos is considered one of the top chess coaches and continues to share his knowledge and expertise with chess players of all levels.