Learn to Master the Queen's Gambit Course Bundle

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Learn to Master the Queen's Gambit Course Bundle
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Master one of the most famous and powerful chess openings The Queen's Gambit with a 30-hour collection by TheChessWorld covering everything you'll ever need to know about this opening to play on the Club level and above! Learn the Queen's Gambit setup ones and they'll serve you a lifetime!

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1.Queen’s Gambit Accepted Mastermind with IM Milovan Ratkovic

In this 10-hour, 20-chapter course, IM Ratkovic reveals his complete opening repertoire against 1.d4 based on Queen’s Gambit Accepted. If you want to get an exciting attacking opening that you know far better than your rivals do, THIS is your super-weapon!

This Mastermind will teach you:

  • How to use modern dynamic methods to unleash a storm of tactics that pin White down for a long time (unless they make one slip, in which case the game ends quickly!)
  • Natural, forcing opening moves that rip open White’s position, leaving them nowhere safe to put their king. (This diagram is after just 7 moves – Black gets an overwhelming attack whatever White does!)
  • Castling secrets. Milovan reveals when to castle kingside, when to castle queenside and when to leave your king in the center so your pieces coordinate in a killer attack

This is a complete attacking repertoire from one of the top young coaches in chess today.

  • If you like to call the shots in every game…
  • If you like seeing those d4 players having to think for themselves by move 5…
  • If you like being in rich tactical positions that you know like the back of your hand…

…start playing the Queen’s Gambit Accepted today!

Ready to take control and dominate against 1.d4? Load Your Game with IM-Level Opening Secrets in just 10 short hours! Let’s start.

2.Opening Mastery – Dominate with 1.d4 – GM Marian Petrov

In this 10.5-hour course, FIDE Trainer and Olympiad Coach GM Marian Petrov cover almost all possible lines that white could encounter after the most popular 1.d4. It is developed with practical chess players in mind!

What it’ll do for you?

  • Instead of losing TONs of games just to learn what works and what doesn’t, you will be given the systems that are proven to work against the competition of any level!
  • You will know exactly how to play against and beat players in the 10 most widely played openings after 1.d4: London System, Queen’s Gambit Accepted, Queen’s Gambit Declined, Slav Defense, Benoni Defense, Kings Indian Defense, Nimzo Indian Defense, Grunfeld Defense, Dutch Defense, Tarrasch and Chigorin Defense!
  • No more second-guessing, worrying about what your opponent plays or facing unknown opening lines…
  • Not only you will gain a very powerful opening repertoire after 1.d4, but also you will learn the most effective attacking plans, pawn structure nuances, correct piece placement, typical maneuvers, and the game-winning strategies. You’ll get all the tools you need to unleash your best play under pressure in actual games!

3.Slav Defense Mastermind with IM Milovan Ratkovic

In a mind-blowing 10 hours of openings training, IM Ratkovic breaks down his repertoire in plain language and arms you with the favorite opening of 11 world champions…the Slav Defense!

3 Reasons to Switch to IM Ratkovic’s Slav Defense Today!

  • All Lines Lead to Equality or Black Advantage! This is RARE in modern chess… where black essentially shuts down white from the beginning. IM Ratkovic has dug up lines that will serve as deadly weapons in your toughest tournaments.
  • All Lines are Verified by Strong Computer Analysis! There’s nothing worse than being caught in an opening trap – all of IM Ratkovic’s lines have been proven airtight by monstrously strong computers and all analysis is included in your PGN file for easy reference.
  • VERY Easy to Remember the Lines! Despite being 100% computer checked, your opening lines are NOT mindbogglingly complicated like most computer lines. They’re similar and simple, but also sharp and great for attacking!

Everything you need to make white question why he EVER dared to play 1.d4 against you!